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Frozen cooked salad shrimp recipes

As warmer weather approaches, shrimp salad will be a fabulous light dish to add to your recipe collection. There’s nothing as refreshing and tasty as a lunch of shrimp salad whipped on a bed of crispy lettuce. Serve with crackers and an ice-cold glass of white wine (or sangria), such as Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc.

Shrimp salad in a croissant on a white plate Shrimp salad

dressing The shrimp

salad dressing

we use here requires Old Bay Seasoning, lemon juice, fresh dill and Dijon mustard. This combination of flavors produces a cold shrimp salad recipe with a twist your family will love.

Old Bay is a spicy spice mix that everyone should have in their closet. It consists of many herbs and spices and is the quintessential seafood seasoning that enhances any seafood soup or seafood dish.

Shrimp salad served over vegetables on a white plate

How to cook


for salad My favorite shortcut to this recipe is to buy a shrimp ring when they are on sale and when the guests show up, I simply chop the shrimp!

If you need to cook shrimp, it takes almost no time. You can tell when each shrimp is ready because they turn bright pink and curl. You can even cook shrimp straight from the freezer without needing to thaw! Here’s How to Cook

Frozen Shrimp Bring to a boil

  1. three-quarters of a gallon of water completely
  2. .

  3. Pour into frozen shrimp, shells and all
  4. .

  5. Wait for the water to boil again. It will take about 4-5 minutes.
  6. Then cook the shrimp for another two to four minutes, depending on how big they are. Don’t overcook! Drain and let cool, then peel.
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To make grilled shrimp salad: Start by using giant thawed shrimp and leave the shell. Brush with oil and roast for about 2 minutes on one side on the colder side of the grill. Let the shrimp cool, then peel and cut them raw for the salad. If they are small shrimp, you can leave them whole and make a very simple shrimp with salad by sprinkling them on chopped romaine lettuce or any other green salad you have on hand.

Shrimp salad ingredients in a clear glass bowl before mixing

How to make shrimp salad

To make shrimp salad, start by cooking your shrimp and let them cool enough to peel them

. Chop the shrimp

  • into uniform pieces and finely cut
  • the eggs.

  • In a bowl, mix the shrimp and eggs with the diced green onion, celery and other ingredients.

That’s all there is to it! If desired, you can add chopped avocado for a delicious shrimp salad with avocado.

Stirring the shrimp salad in a clear glass bowl with a silver spoon

Serve this easy shrimp salad over a bed of lettuce to make a great low-carb/keto option! Have this cold shrimp salad recipe stretch to feed a crowd by adding some rotini pasta to a salad more substantial shrimp paste!

For a super delicious shrimp salad sandwich, use horizontally cut croissants or stack them on fresh homemade bread.

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