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Pasta with

frozen seafood Pasta with frozen seafood is the dish to prepare when you don’t have much time to cook but still want to eat something a little special. Of course, if you can buy fresh fish and have time to clean and prepare it, the same recipe with fresh seafood is much tastier! Here in the Netherlands I barely find all the fresh seafood I would need to make a real “Spaghetti allo scoglio” (spaghetti on the rock). This would include fresh mussels with peel, clams, scampi… so I cook it when I go to Italy on vacation and use frozen seafood in the meantime.

Pasta with frozen seafood, quick recipe, Light & Yummy

Pasta with frozen seafood is a very easy recipe and gives the opportunity to serve a tasty and complete meal to your family or guests. Just add a salad as a starter or side dish and your stomach will soon be full of nutritious and light foods!

Pasta with frozen seafood

– the recipe

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Pasta Serving sizes: 2 Preparation time: 5 min Cook Time: 20 min Difficulty: Easy Weight Watchers ProPoints per serving: 14


180 g pasta such as Farfalle or Casareccia (the latter was used for photos) 400 g mixed frozen seafood, thawed if possible 1 can cherry tomatoes (about 400 g), drained 3 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil 2 garlic cloves, sliced 1 red chili, sliced (optional) 2 tablespoons dry white wine 1 bunch of fresh parsley, chopped salt and pepper to taste


When I have time I prefer to thaw the seafood and keep aside the water that will release the fish. I use the water to dilute the sauce if necessary. If you don’t have time to do so, it’s okay to cook the seafood also directly frozen.

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Pasta with frozen seafood, quick recipe, Light & Yummy

Put 1 teaspoon of oil, sliced garlic and chili in a large skillet. Let the garlic fry lightly but be careful not to burn it! Add the seafood (drained if thawed) and sauté for about 5-10 minutes over moderate heat. Pour the wine and let it evaporate over high heat. Add the drained cherry tomatoes and crush them slightly, so that they release their juice. Cover and cook for about 10-15 minutes until sauce thickens. If the sauce gets too dry, add some water, possibly the water released during thawing or a little cooking water from the pasta. Only when the sauce is ready, add the remaining 2 teaspoons of olive oil and salt to taste.

Pasta with frozen seafood, quick recipe, Light & Yummy

While the sauce is simmering, cook the pasta in a large pot with boiling salt water following the time indicated on the package. When ready, drain the pasta well and mix it with the sauce. Add the chopped fresh parsley, mix well and serve, adding freshly ground pepper.

<img src="×640.jpg" alt="Pasta with frozen seafood, quick recipe, Light & Yummy

” /> Pasta with frozen seafood

is ready, quick and easy, but mainly light and tasty: a true Light & Yummy recipe.

Buon appetito!

by Giovanna Buono


This dish offers a complete meal in terms of proteins and carbohydrates. Simply add a large green salad, seasoned with freshly squeezed lemon for a nutritious main meal.

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