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Genius cooking recipes

If you think you’re what you eat, you should eat African corn porridge, pike pâté, and chicken stew. Because these are the dishes that nurtured geniuses like Nelson Mandela, Ingvar Kamprad and Ella Fitzgerald. This unique cookbook, “Eat Like a Genius,” features the favorite recipes of some of the leading minds of all time, compiled by a small Swedish company, Ankarsrum Kitchen, from the province of Småland. The book features recipes from some of the greatest minds of all time, and includes not only original recipes from former South African President Nelson Mandela, entrepreneur and IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad and Queen of Jazz Ella Fitzgerald, but also the favorites of many other immortal names, such as Friedrich Nietzsche. Selma Lagerlöf, August Strindberg and Jackson Pollock.

“It’s a great honor to have this opportunity to present this collection of recipes for all to share, and we hope it will help spread the joy of cooking to more kitchens. We can’t guarantee that you’ll become a genius if you eat home-cooked food, but eliminating junk food from your diet for a couple of days a week isn’t just fun, it’s good for you, body and soul. We are passionate about proper home-cooked food and, let’s face it, eating the same food that geniuses can’t do you any harm,” says Marcus Grimerö, CEO of Ankarsrum Kitchen AB.

Processed foods often contain high levels of salt, saturated fat, and sugar, which increases the risk of serious illness and health problems. But recent studies have also shown that brain development and cognitive abilities are related to the food we eat. Too much junk food, for example, can result in learning difficulties and poor memory. And it is this that provided the inspiration for Ankarsrum’s new cookbook Kitchen.

“For us, it’s a fact: the best food is food that is made from scratch, using the right ingredients and the right equipment. Our goal, highlighting the favorite homemade dishes of some of the world’s leading minds, and making those recipes available to everyone, is to show that home-cooked food can be an important part of our development. We want to give everyone the opportunity to make it part of their lifestyle,” says Marcus Grimerö, CEO of Ankarsrum Kitchen AB.

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For more information, please contact: Marcus Grimerö, CEO, Ankarsrum Kitchen AB Email: [email protected] Phone: +46 490-53372

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Kitchen AB is one of the three companies in the Ankarsrum Industries group. Located in the distinguished town of Ankarsrum in Småland, the company markets, sells and distributes the Ankarsrum Assistent Original® kitchen appliance. This kitchen appliance was first developed in the 1940s by industrial designer Alvar Lenning under the three slogans of quality, functionality and design. Ankarsrum Assistent Original® became Sweden’s first kitchen appliance and is just as popular today. Since its launch in 1940, 1,500,000 Ankarsrum Assistent Original® machines have been sold in 30 different countries.

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