25 Traditional Georgian Food Recipes (Updated 2022)

Georgian cooking recipes

The best traditional recipes of Georgian food are drawn from regions of the Republic of Georgia. Each has its own distinct style of food preparations. Cooks across Georgia insist on buying the freshest local produce, if it’s not growing in their own backyards.

This devotion to freshness may be the reason why regional variations in Georgian food have persisted into the twenty-first century, despite the entry of Carrefour and other foreign shops. For example, brick-red stews with adjika (chili and garlic paste) in the western regions of Adjara, Guia and Samegrelo will make you reach for your glass of water. The low-tasting grilled meats of Kakheti, to the east, where the cuisine is softer, are a study in simplicity.

The Republic of Georgia, which is located in the Caucasus, on the border of Europe and Asia, has a particularly diversified culinary legacy as a result of its geographical and cultural diversity, numerous border cultures and mountainous terrain. There are many additional reasons to love Georgian cuisine, including the fact that they are famous for khachapuri, a deliciously sticky, egg, and cheese bread boat that is delicious day or night. Here are some of our favorite Georgian dishes, including strong bowls of khashlama and fried eggplants filled with walnut sauce.

Georgian recipes of traditional Georgian

food Each region of Georgia has its own distinctive style of food

preparation. Georgia was one of the countries on the Silk Road, which resulted in travelers influencing Georgian cuisine.

– Abkhaz cuisine uses many spices and nuts. The most popular dessert is Akuarkuar.

– Although most of the

historical part of Lazeti is located in Turkey, the Lazes in Georgia still continue to bring their traditional dishes, some of them are: Bureği / Paponi – Sweet baked cakes filled with milk pudding. Gresta — Chicken or beef with melted cheese and mushrooms. Muhlama — Cornmeal with cheese.

– The regional cuisine of Samegrelo can be considered the most famous in Georgia. Use lots of spices and nuts. Gebzhalia — Cheese rolls seasoned with mint. Kupati — Sausage made from pork. Tabaka — chicken cooked with Ajika, a sauce made from pepper and spices.

FAQs about National

Georgian Dishes What is the most

popular Georgian dish in Georgia?

Khachapuri is Georgia’s most famous dish. The dough is traditionally topped with melted cheese, eggs and butter. There are different types of khachapuri, but it is usually filled with Georgian Sulguni or Imeretian cheese.

What makes Georgian cuisine so incredibly tasty and delicious?

It’s the flavors. You have flavors from the Mediterranean, as well as Turkey and the Middle East. The most common ingredients are nuts, pomegranate, beans, cheese, honey, cilantro and garlic.

Is Georgian food spicy?

Although it is a small country, Georgian cuisine is regionally diverse. Georgian food ranges from quite spicy in western regions such as Samegrelo or Guria, to the most reserved cuisine in the east. All dishes are complemented by Georgian wine, quickly gaining an international reputation for exclusivity.

Is Georgian food similar to Turkish food?

Western Georgian food is said to have been influenced by Turkish cuisine, while Iranian influences are more prevalent in the east. In the west, Georgian-style cornbread (mchadi) and poultry such as chicken and turkey are favored, while meat dishes made with pork, veal, or lamb are more prominent in the east.

What spices are used in traditional Georgian food recipes?

Kondari, Summer Savory. The rest of the Georgian spices are the familiar variety such as coriander, cumin, black pepper, chili, dried basil, celery (celery leaves), dill, mint and parsley. Often in Georgian recipes you come across kondari, which is tasty summer, Satureja hortensis.


famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin once declared that all Georgian dishes are poetic. This is undoubtedly the best way to put into perspective how elaborate and exquisite Georgian cuisine is in such a small, yet extravagant region. He was not only talking about the taste and artistic presentation of food and drink in the region, but rather the whole process of how the region creates its food, and how Georgians created and refined their cooking methods and techniques.

Traditional Georgian cuisine combines fresh vegetables, fresh meats, spices and herbs into clearly tasty dishes that are considered among the healthiest in the world. Whether preparing the kitchen for a daily meal or for a supra celebration, Georgian cuisine always finds its most genuine expression at home, among friends. The history of the republic itself is closely intertwined with the cuisine of the region.

Georgian society, from cuisine to culture, was undoubtedly heavily influenced by the Greeks, Mongols, Turks, Asians and Arabs who used the route. That said, in a strange way, much of what can be considered true Georgian culture has not been lost or eroded in any way.

Take, for example, wine and the incorporation of wine into Georgian cuisine. Georgia is one of the oldest wine and wine regions in the world. More than 8000 years ago, Georgians created the art of winemaking. Viticulture in the region began when they discovered the wild grapes growing in the region.

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Long ago, Georgians turned grape juice into wine by burying the juice, in a container, in a shallow pit and leaving it for the winter. This method involved the use of clay jars, and is known as Kvevri.

Another drink almost synonymous with Georgian culture is vodka. Georgia was once part of the Soviet Union, and the region was well known for making vodka. Even after the Soviet Union dissolved, some regions of Georgia, especially those in the northern region, remained firm in tradition.

Cuisine and culture, almost everywhere in the world, are always intertwined. Therefore, it is paramount to emphasize the importance of family, friends and a general sense of society when it comes to Georgian cuisine.

One of the most intricate and important parts of Georgian cuisine is the supra. Supra translates directly into a tablecloth, but it involves the meals that families, friends and guests have together, which is vital for the Georgian people.

Georgians have actively strived to ensure that their old-school cooking, food and drink techniques transcend from one generation to the next without being eroded, and if there are, the result is always a better tasting, looking dish or drink. Therefore, most of the traditional Georgian cuisine is alive and well to this day.

Another thing to understand about Georgian cuisine is that it is not ubiquitous throughout the region. Of course, some dishes are found in every city and town, but in most cases, you will find that some towns and cities have specific dishes and foods that are famous for making.

Some of the traditional old-style Georgian dishes include:

✪ Khinkali This is, in simple terms, Georgian dumplings. Inspired by the culture of Asian cuisine, these are twisted knobs of dough that have been filled with spices and meat. It can be boiled or steamed. Black pepper accentuates the taste of meatballs.

✪ Qababi The name sounds quite familiar, doesn’t it? This is because it is, in many ways, similar to kebabs. Brought by the Arabs, it is a dish comprising grilled minced meat, with slices of onion and sumac, wrapped in a lavash-like bread. This is one of those Georgian dishes that you will find in almost every city in Georgia.

✪ Chakapuli This stew is one of the traditional Georgian dishes made of lamb with herbs. Veal can also be used. Onions, white wine, garlic and, of course, traditional herbs are used as a condiment.

✪ Mtsvadi Roasting on fire is one of the most widely used cooking methods in Georgian cuisine. This particular dish features pieces of pork roasted over the fire. The seasoning used is so good that it is considered one of the best barbecue meals in the world.

✪ Khachapuri Traditional Georgian food is well known for the wide variety of beads it has. Perhaps the best known of them is Khachapuri. It is bread stuffed with cheese, although some variations include egg toppings.

Modern cooking techniques for

Georgian foods In the same way that Georgians have long embraced their culture, they have also embraced their cuisine. Parents, and the elderly generation in general, make sure that cooking methods and long-ago food are passed on to their children. Thus, each generation grows up not only knowing food but also appreciating it for what it represents in the culture.

That said, Georgians are also always trying to make what they have better and better. This prevents the cuisine of the region from becoming monotonous.

Some of the

modern Georgian cuisines include:

Brandy Most often, it is Armenian brandy that gets the spotlight. However, Georgian brandy is also well known for its quality, and is slowly gaining a foothold in Georgian food culture.

Matsoni Matsoni is sour yogurt. It’s kind of like an appetizer and goes well with some of the traditional dishes. It is also well known for its medicinal purposes.

Tatara This is a sweet made from a grape extract that has been boiled and then pressed. It is often used as a dessert.

Shkmeruli - Georgian dinners

25 traditional Georgian food recipes

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1. Adjaruli Khachapuri (Georgian cheese and egg bread)

Adjaruli Khachapuri - Traditional Georgian food Khachapuri

in countless forms, all with some combination of dough and melted cheese, is the snack of traditional Georgian food. Our adjaruli khachapuri is the most fun: diners tear pieces of homemade bread from the canoe to pick up piles of bubbly filling, a mix of creamy mozzarella, spicy feta cheese and barely fixed egg. It’s a great communal snack, or part of a satisfying lunch or dinner with a green salad. And it’s easy to make: yeast dough rises in less than 1 hour and bakes crispy, tender on a pizza stone in just 15 minutes.

2. Tkemali (Georgian plum sauce) <img src="" alt="Tkemali –

Georgian Food Recipes” /> Tkemali

is a very tasty and nutrient-rich

Georgian plum


that is an excellent healthier alternative to tomato sauce or cranberry sauce. Use this sweet and sour and vibrant seasoning for just about everything: grilled food, roasted vegetables, burgers, potato wedges, any type of protein, in salad dressings, like spreads, and much more. (Look for the many recipes below with this Georgian food sauce.)

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3. Kuchmachi with walnuts <img src="" alt="Kuchmachi with

nuts – Georgian cuisine” /> Kuchmachi

is made with the heart, liver, kidneys, spleen and lungs of pigs, young meat or chickens. In this recipe we have used pork. Kuchmachi can be made with or without nuts and is usually garnished with pomegranate seeds. This is a great example of Georgian cuisine.

4. Khinkali


Khinkali - Traditional Georgian food Khinkali

are Georgian dumplings. They are one of the most popular Georgian recipes in the country and a favorite item in the long dinners known as supras. This meat version, with a brothy filling of spiced meat, such as soup dumplings, is the most common. They are designed to be eaten by hand: hold each dumpling high by its stem (like an open umbrella), sprinkle it with black pepper, and take a small bite from the side of the padded top, sucking out the hot broth before chewing its way to the filling.

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. Chakhokhbili (chicken stew with

herbs) <img src="" alt="Chakhokhbili –

Georgian recipes” /> Chakhokhbili

is one of the well-known Georgian dishes of stewed chicken and fresh herbs. It is originally made with pheasant, but most people use chicken. If you try this Chakhokhbili recipe, I recommend serving it with Georgian cheese bread (khachapuri).

6. Kubdari

(Georgian venison kubdari)

Kubdari - Georgian dishes Kubdari

are meat-filled breads from the Svaneti region. This traditional Georgian meal is usually filled with a mixture of minced pork and beef. I used chopped round bottom steaks from a white-tailed leg instead, which worked beautifully. The meat is seasoned with a special mixture of salt that is also found in the Svaneti region.

7. Gupta

(meatball soup)

Lobio Gupta - Traditional Georgian food Gupta

is a popular Georgian food dish. There is a lot of room for manoeuvre in this recipe. You can add dried/fresh/parsley basil to the dumpling mixture. You can add some fresh garlic to the meatball mixture. Basically, you can add whatever you want to the dumpling mix. Tomato in the broth/water is also optional. It’s hard to go wrong here.

8. Lavash or Pita (

Georgian bread)

Lavash bread - Georgian food recipes

A delicious aromatic bread with a crispy crust and a soft chewy center is an intuitive part of Georgian cuisine. It is traditionally cooked in a circular brick oven and the raw dough is struck on the sides and left to bake. Since I guess you don’t have one of these special ovens in your home kitchen, this is a simple recipe for you to make at home.

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. Chicken Tabaka (special fried chicken)

Chicken tabacy - Georgian cuisine Chicken

tabaka is one of the unique Western Georgian recipes where a whole chicken is flattened and fried while weighed with another pan or heavy object. The chicken ends up golden brown and crispy on the outside while staying juicy on the inside. This rustic and simple dish is often served with garlic sauce or tkemali, a Georgian wild plum sauce.

10. Chakapuli with lamb and wine

Chickpuli with lamb - traditional Georgian food

It is considered one of the most popular Georgian dishes. A blend of Tkemali, tarragon and wine creates an incredible aroma. The most popular Chakapuli is made with lamb, but others can be made with beef or mushrooms.

11. Shkmeruli (chicken in garlic milk sauce)

Shkmeruli - Georgian recipes This traditional Georgian

meal is a decadent chicken dish cooked

in a garlic milk sauce

. The spine of the chicken is removed so that the entire chicken is flat. The sauce is incredibly simple and is made with milk, butter and LOTS of garlic. It is served in the sauce with ample amount of crusty bread to absorb the delicious sauce.

12. Chvishtari

(Cornbread with cheese)

<img src="" alt=

“Chvishtari – Georgian dishes” />

There are several types of Chvishtari and in this Georgian food recipe we will show how to make one of the most popular. Chvishtari should be served hot. Enjoy!

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. Kupati (pork sausage)

Kupati - Traditional Georgian food Georgian

cuisine uses spicy sausages with a different flavor. There are different versions of Kupati: made from beef or pork. Usually, the sausage is made beforehand and fried just before serving. If you do not have the opportunity to visit the Georgian restaurant, follow this recipe and make a delicious Kupati for yourself.


Tashmijabi (mashed potatoes with cheese)

Tashmijabi - Georgian food recipes Georgian

mashed potato recipes use Sulguni (a Georgian cheese in brine). It is one of the heavy dishes, more like garnish, mashed potato with lots of melted cheese, delicious! We usually eat it with chicken, beef or pork.

I have recently discovered this dish. We all know “Elarji”, but doing it is not easy and takes a lot of time. “Tashmijabi”, is for those who love mashed potatoes, “Elarji” and hot stretching cheese.

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15. Kharcho

(meat soup)

Kharcho - Georgian cuisine Kharcho

is one of many traditional Georgian dishes that are well known outside of Georgia. The soup is exceptionally delicious and has a characteristic rich flavor thanks to the mixture of spices it contains. This soup is traditionally made from fatty cuts of beef – chuck or breast. As a result, the soup is rich and comforting. To balance the richness of the soup, traditionally sour plum sauce called Tkemali is added.


. Trout with pomegranate seeds

<img src="" alt="Trout with pomegranate sauce –

Traditional Georgian food” />

Traditional Georgian food recipes use flavors of ground coriander, fenugreek and calendula that are combined with sour cream to create a soft but tasty layer for the delicate baked trout. Pomegranate seeds, cilantro and lemon slices provide a sweet and sour balance, allowing the delicate flavor of the fish to shine.

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. Kebab

– Georgian style

Kabab Georgian style - Georgian recipes

When selecting meat, make sure that Georgian food is a little fatty, because otherwise the kebab will be dry. Chop the meat or put it through a meat grinder using the larger rack. Make sure the result is thick. Add finely chopped onions and garlic to the meat.

18. Nigvziani Badrijani

(Eggplant rolls)

Nigvziani Badrijani - Georgian dishes

It is a staple of any Georgian cuisine. The dish is usually enjoyed as an appetizer or as a side dish. The eggplant slices are fried and rested before being filled with nut filling and rolled tightly to make Nigvziani Badrijani. The filling is made with finely ground nuts, garlic, spices and vinegar mixed until a spreadable consistency is obtained.

19. Mtsvadi

Georgian-Shashlik - Traditional Georgian Food These Georgian



or grilled meat skewers, are made from well-marbled pork shoulder mixed with raw onions and finished with freshly squeezed pomegranate juice. Leave the fat intact for juicy, sizzling meat with lots of crunchy chunks. In Georgia, skewers are often grilled over the embers of grape vines. They are traditionally served with tkemali, a fantastically sour plum sauce.


Satsivi (chicken in garlic and walnut sauce)

Satsivi - Georgian Food Recipes

This chicken in garlic and walnut sauce is a fresh way to enjoy chicken! Chicken satsivi is an amazing dish for hot, sticky summer nights that will satisfy your craving for comfort food, but won’t leave you feeling stuffed and heavy.

The base of the sauce is made from herbs, spices and nuts. My whole family immediately fell in love with this chicken in garlic and nut sauce. Serve with flatbread and a simple fresh salad. This is one of the many healthy, simple and delicious Georgian dishes.

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. Churchkhela (Georgian grape and walnut caramel)

Churchkhela -Georgian cuisine

This is traditional Georgian food at its best and one of Georgia’s favorite sweets. Similar to chandeliers, this Georgian sweet is sweet but quite nutritious compared to other desserts. Churchkhela are chains of nuts that are covered in a concentrated mixture of grape juice and left to cure for a few days (and up to a few months!).

22. Tatara

(Georgian grape pudding)

Tatara - Traditional Georgian food Tatara


made only from wheat flour, while Pelamushi is prepared with corn flour or a mixture of them. To get perfect Tatara or Pelamushi, it is important to use good quality Georgian food: natural badagi, thick grape juice. Here we offer a very simple Tatara recipe that will certainly please you and your family or friends. As for the color of Tatara, it depends on the type of grape juice you use.


. Georgian Pakhlava

Pakhlava - Georgian recipes

Perfection with walnuts with syrup or honey. It is a staple of Georgian cuisine and is also found in Central and Southwest Asia. This sweet cake is very popular in Turkey as well. Here we present the Georgian version of this delicious dessert.


. Kada Pie

Kada Pie - Georgian dishes

Each region has its own special Georgian recipes to prepare it. However, the sweet Kada also varies, the difference is in technique and form. There is smooth round Kada, also Kada layer that is cut before it is backed up and also small Kada cakes. Here we offer you a very simple recipe for traditional sweet cakes from Kada.

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. Medok (Georgian honey cake)

Medok - Traditional Georgian food

The cake was incorporated into the Georgian cuisine of the Russian Federation. However, compared to the traditional recipe, in Georgia, the cake is usually prepared with cream instead of sour cream. The dessert is especially delicious when prepared with organic Georgian honey. Medok is usually prepared on different occasions, however, it is so soft and tasty that one cannot refrain from consuming these Georgian dishes on normal days as well.


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