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Gluten free playdough recipe no cook

Video Gluten free playdough recipe no cook

Try my easy, uncooked, gluten-free plasticine recipe for sensory play for people with wheat or gluten allergies and intolerances. Quick to make, super smooth and as fun as the original version! Ready? Gluten-free plasticine recipe

Oops! For a long time I’ve had the intention of trying a gluten-free plasticine recipe as a substitute for my best uncooked plasticine recipe (by the way, the most popular blog post of ALL time! Thank you all!)

Many of you have ordered a gluten-free version, even more recently. And then, last month, I was forced to follow a gluten-free diet and was instantly reminded that it’s time to give it a try.

[ Side note: I have this gloriously soft and soft 2-ingredient plasticine that is also gluten-free. It is different in consistency than normal plasticine and while it is wonderful to play with, it only lasts one session. Try this one for sure too!]

DIY gluten free play dough recipe

As with most gluten-free kitchens (or so I’m starting to discover) it’s not as simple as a 1:1 substitution for gluten-free products. Sometimes the result is very crumbly or strangely rubbery and it’s super frustrating. However, I just mastered the adaptation of my favorite chocolate cake recipe, and now I’m a happy girl again!)

So, to

make this gluten-free plasticine recipe, I had to try a few different methods and ingredients until I brought it as close as possible to the actual play dough. I mean, I don’t think it’s 100% identical in texture and longevity. That’s the beauty of gluten and what it does after all!

How to make gluten-free plasticine


1 cup


natural flour 1 cup

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rice flour

2 tablespoons

xanthum gum 2 tablespoons

cream of


2 tablespoons oil

1 cup boiling water (with food coloring or natural coloring)

A few drops of vegetable glycerin (optional but adds more stretch and shine!)

Be sure to use real measuring cups like these when making this recipe


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Watch the video below to find out how to do it or move on to the next paragraph below


Method: Add

all dry ingredients to a bowl and stir. Now add the oil and mix. Add food coloring or natural coloring to boiling water (read my how-to post here on how to make natural dyes from fruits, vegetables, and spices!) and stir carefully.

Let cool a little. Add the glycerin and start kneading. Keep kneading until soft, elastic and smooth.

Ready to play!

<img src="×907.jpg" alt="Gluten-free

plasticine recipe” /> I

only made this gluten-free plasticine recipe for the first time last week, so I still don’t know how long it keeps but I already have a feeling that it will be less time than the standard recipe . I feel like it can “harden” over time in a way that the other doesn’t. So, to counteract that as much as possible, immediately wrap it in airtight wrapper or container when the game is over. You can also place a warm, damp wash cloth over the top if it has started to dry out and should revive a bit.

Let me know how you fare with this gluten-free plasticine recipe and if you have any additional tips to add!

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