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Green beans in pressure cooker recipe

Video Green beans in pressure cooker recipe

These Southern-style pressure cooker green beans taste like they’ve been simmering for hours. The tender and tasty green beans cooked in the Instant Pot make a quick and easy side!

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Having spent most of my growing up years in the South, I’ve eaten my fair share of green beans. As a child, I loved them so much that I would simply open a can of green beans and eat them cold.

Truth be told, they are one of my favorite vegetables.

I attended many shared meals at church growing up, and green beans were always part of these meals.

There were usually multiple versions, all salty and delicious: green bean casserole, fresh green beans sautéed with garlic and olive oil, and southern-style green beans simmered. Yummmmm.

If you’re

not familiar with what Southern-style beans are, they’re kind of like what you’d expect to get at a good barbecue: super tender beans cooked over slow, simmering heat, usually with bacon or ham and onions and garlic.


Southern-style frozen green beans (in the pressure cooker)

While I love Southern-style green beans, I don’t normally prepare them that way due to the time requirement


That is, until I decided to try to make them in the Instant Pot. You all know how much I love this beloved appliance.

So when I came across this Happy Belly Foodie recipe, I knew I had to try it. They seemed like the perfect accompaniment to accompany my pressure chicken and dumplings, and my hunch was ready. I might as well have been to Cracker Barrel! 🙂

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I adapted the recipe a bit, using frozen green beans instead of fresh, because that’s what I had on hand, and they turned out great! If you have fresh green beans on hand,

check out my Instant Pot fresh green bean recipe to learn how to cook them in your pressure cooker. If

you’re working with canned green beans, learn how to handle them and make delicious Instant Pot canned green beans!

Cooking time for green beans in the

electric pressure

cooker These southern-style green beans only require a cooking time of

25 minutes, which is much shorter than letting them “stew” for a few hours on the stove or in a slow cooker.

It’s worth noting that green beans actually cook in much less time than this (they really only need a few minutes to cook), But I cook them longer so that they become very smooth and the flavors merge even more.

Because these pressure cooker green beans cook much faster than their stove counterpart, they are an easy accompaniment to a weekday meal.

Not only that, but you should consider them as a delicious side item to serve with your Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas dinner.

Even better, since they are cooked in the Instant Pot, you can set it and forget it while preparing the other items of your Christmas menu. How convenient, right?

Enjoy them, folks! They are one of my favorite Instant Pot green bean recipes!

How to make green beans from pressure cooker:

The process is actually as simple as it sounds. Simply pour all the ingredients into the insertion pot of an Instant Pot.

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usually add some salt and pepper at this point, then add more if I need it after

cooking is complete.

Turn the lid into place and select a cooking time of 25 minutes at high pressure using the Manual / Pressure Cooking setting


Once the cooking time is complete, perform a quick release of pressure. After the pressure has been released and the valve has fallen, carefully remove the cap.

If desired, remove the bacon strips. Stir everything well and add more salt and pepper to taste, if necessary.

Notes and variations for cooking green beans in the pressure cooker:

  • This recipe, as written, makes enough green beans for about 4 servings. Feel free to duplicate the recipe as long as you’re using at least one 6-quart pressure cooker. I haven’t tried doubling the recipe into a smaller pressure cooker, so make sure you don’t exceed the maximum fill of your model if you plan to duplicate the recipe on a smaller model.
  • Frozen green beans

  • are the ones I used (that’s what I most often have on hand), but feel free to make fresh green beans from Instant Pot if you prefer or if you have them on hand. You can also steam fresh green beans in the Instant Pot.
  • You can also make green beans and Instant Pot potatoes, if you wish. Want to cook canned green beans? Try my delicious canned green beans at the Instant Pot!
  • If you want to save a couple of minutes of preparation time, you can use diced frozen onions or frozen pearl onions instead of taking the time to cut an onion yourself.
  • Feel free to adjust the seasonings. You can omit garlic, substitute ham for bacon, use seasoned salt, garlic, etc.
  • Green beans actually cook in much less time in the pressure cooker (usually only a few minutes or less), but the extended cooking time of 25 minutes is to allow the flavors to really merge and for the beans to become good and smooth, giving them that consistency of having simmered all day.
  • Don’t have a pressure cooker? These can also be made in the slow cooker. Add all the ingredients, plus an extra cup of broth, to a small slow cooker. Simmer for 6-8 hours, stirring once or twice during cooking.
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