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Green chicken curry slow cooker recipe

I hope you enjoy this Slow Cooker Thai Green Curry recipe as much as we do!

Experience the deliciously fragrant taste of Asian spices infused into the tender chicken that’s been cooking all day, or in the afternoon, in the slow cooker.

How to Make Thai Green Curry in a Slow Cooker Making Thai green curry

can be as simple as adding all the ingredients to the slow cooker and lighting it


However, it is worth taking an extra step and releasing some of the spices from Thai green curry paste by gently heating it first.

This step is not essential: if you’re in a hurry, OR don’t want to mess up any extra pans, feel free to skip this part.

What ingredients should I include in a Thai green curry?

<img src="" alt="Ingredients for Thai Green Chicken Curry in a Cooking

Pot slow – chicken thighs, green curry paste, coconut milk, green pepper, baby corn, mangetout, brown sugar, fish sauce, green chilies and lime” />

Note that these ingredients are what I use to make a Thai green curry in a slow cooker, if you are doing it with a different method, your choice of ingredients may be different.


I prefer to use boneless chicken thighs in the slow cooker. Chicken breast is also fine to use, but it will turn out to be a bit drier than chicken thigh, and will require a shorter cooking time.


I like include peppers (usually yellow and green), mangetout, baby corn, and fresh green chilies. Alternatives include eggplant and sugary peas.

Remaining spices and ingredients

You will add Thai green curry paste. You can make your own or, for convenience, use a pre-made one.

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However, not all Thai green curry pastes are created equal, we have tried some of them! Our current favorite is Thai Taste, available in most supermarkets or online.

We have found that many other Thai green curry pastes from supermarkets are tasteless. Other ingredients include lemongrass stalk, kaffir lime leaves

, fish sauce and some brown sugar


When I have not eaten kaffir lime leaves I use the juice of 1 lemon.

We occasionally make our own Thai green curry paste!



I added a can of coconut milk (400ml). I always use all the fat for the curry, add more flavor and prevent the sauce from diluting too much.

Making Thai Green Curry

Some Thai green curry pastes are firmer than others and should be gently heated to loosen them, this also serves to release some of the flavors


If you have a sealing feature on your slow cooker, or if you’re using a multi-cooker, you can do it there. Alternatively, use a small saucepan to heat the paste before stirring in the coconut milk.

<img src="×768.jpg" alt="

Thai green curry paste and coconut milk

” />Remove from heat and

add brown sugar, lemon juice/kaffir lime leaves, fish sauce and lemongrass (if used) and fresh green chili peppers.

Add the chicken to the slow cooker and pour the Thai green curry sauce on top.

I add the

green peppers, mangetout and baby corn half an hour before the end of the cooking time to keep them crispy; you can add them at the beginning if you don’t mind them being a little softer


Turn on the slow cooker and put it low for 4 to 5 hours or high for 3 to 4 hours.

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do you thicken Thai green curry sauce in a slow cooker


During the slow cooking time, the chicken will release quite a bit of liquid, and therefore the sauce may be a bit thin


You have a few options to thicken the sauce at the end;

  • Leave the lid closed for half an hour and change the slow cooker to high
  • .

  • Make a suspension of cornmeal to stir
  • .

  • Add some yogurt or more coconut milk.
Slow Cooker Thai Green curry paste

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