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Ham beans recipe slow cooker

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The slow cooker of ham and bean soup is a perfect meal for cold weather. It’s especially good if you have some leftover ham to use. Make some ham and beans in the slow cooker and some cornbread today.

This hearty ham and bean meal is easily made in a cooking pot. Let it cook all day and you’ll have a stick at your rib dinner waiting for you when you get home

! The ham and

bean soup is perfect with a side of cornbread and is sure to fill you up. Just remember to save a bone and some ham from your next Christmas meal!

Happy soup season to each and every one! I love soup season.


would celebrate almost daily during the fall and winter if I didn’t share my table with a soup scrooge. The struggle is real, everyone


Luckily I can earn it with things like chili, ham, and bean soup. Hearty soups you eat as a meal are acceptable as long as I don’t go crazy and try to make them too often!


I had a nice fleshy leftover ham bone after enjoying a spiral ham. So, I put it to good use! I like to throw away the bone with the beans for cooking.

If you don’t want to buy a whole ham, you can get pieces of ham or smoked ham hock to start your soup. Either will add the richness and flavor you’re looking for, but we love ham so getting a whole ham is our preferred method.

I remove the meat that’s in the bone at the end and return it to the pot, but I also like to add some fresh ham at that point. I like the meat to have a nice hammy texture.

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The ham that

has been cooked all day is a bit soft, so fresh ham really adds texture and flavor. Slice some fresh cornbread and you’re in business!

In fact, we really like ours with corn muffins. They are super simple to make from scratch. If you haven’t tried them yet, you really should!

Can I make ham and bean boneless ham soup?

yes! It is possible to make a perfectly delicious soup without the bone.

While bone adds richness and depth to the broth, it is not absolutely necessary. You can buy diced ham or cut a couple of ham fillets if you wish.

However, he would use a rich chicken broth instead of water if he gave up the bone. That will help bring that depth of flavor.


Now that we have ham covered, it’s time to talk about beans. Of course, they are important in ham and bean soup.

We found that white beans make a creamy and visually appealing soup. You can use white beans, cannellini or great northern.

If you have a bag of mixed beans meant for 15-bean soup, that would work too.

Be sure to soak your beans overnight. This helps them digest a little easier and cook faster.

In the morning, pour the water and rinse the beans and then they will be ready to cook.

If you forgot to soak the beans and have a pressure cooker, you can use my Instant Pot ham and bean soup recipe instead.

Optional add-ons

We love this ham and bean soup recipe as written. It’s simple and really lets the ham and beans shine.

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However, you can easily add more vegetables if you want. Feel free to add some celery and carrots with the onion.

Or wilt on some vegetables towards the end of the cooking time if desired. Spinach or kale chopped into thick pieces would add a touch of color and fodder.

You can also stir in a can of chopped tomatoes if desired to give a 15-bean soup feel. Just wait until the beans are cooked before mixing.

Adding acid before the beans are cooked can prevent them from softening. So keep that in mind.

My grandmother likes to add diced onions and a splash of vinegar on top of her soup plate. You can also sprinkle some parsley if you wish.

More ham recipes

If you still have ham left over after making your soup, use some to make pasta with peas and ham. It has a light cream sauce with Parmesan cheese to put it all together.

I also have a collection of recipes with leftover ham if you need more inspiration


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