33 Spicy Recipes That Really Bring the Heat – Insanely Good

Hot cooking recipes

If you want to keep warm, you have to try these fantastic spicy recipes.

I’m a big fan of spicy food, but not everyone likes its crazy and hot foods. Therefore, I have chosen recipes that are classified across the board, from mild to very hot.

Homemade hot chili chicken with sesame seeds with green onions

Choose from a delicious Indian chicken dish filled with hot spices, or choose a crazy chili mix that maximizes the Scoville scale.

No matter what you choose, do yourself a favor and pour a glass of milk because these spicy recipes are no joke.

1. Firecracker


If spicy Asian chicken is your jam, this is a must-done


Juicy bite-sized chicken pieces get a coating that’s an exceptional balance between sweet and spicy


2. Easy Spicy Chicken Pad Thai

I like easy Thai recipes to try at home. Add a little extra spice to the mixture, and things will get even better.

Sriracha is their main source of heat for these killer noodles. But if you prefer your scorching Thai food, add some bird’s-eye view chili peppers to the mix as well.

Oh, and don’t leave brown sugar out of the sauce. It’s about finding the right balance before turning up the heat.

3. 30-minute spicy chicken with coconut butter

No need for takeaway when you have such good homemade Indian food


Buttered chicken is quite mild compared to, for example, vindaloo. But in no way does it lack spices.

The soft and velvety sauce is an aromatic blend of garam masala, ginger, turmeric and cumin. Add just a pinch of cayenne to round it all out.

It takes about 30 minutes to put this together, so you can even enjoy this during the working week


Alabama hot firecrackers

4. Alabama firecrackers

If you can’t get enough of that tingling sensation on your lips, these spicy firecrackers are sure to become your new addiction


You will take a packet of salt pans and prepare them with a spicy mixture with chili flakes and a mixture of Ranch dressing powder

. It

doesn’t seem like much, but I promise you’ll have a hard time sharing


5. 5-Chili

Alarm A lot of people talk a lot about their chili. But I know some spicy food lovers who will agree if it’s not making you sweat, then it’s not chili.

This 5-alarm chili contains so much heat that you will need to take out the fire hose to cool down


To give it a little flavor, it has a handful of serranos, jalapeños, Scotch peppers and pasilla peppers


And that’s just fresh chilies!

6. Spicy pork with

5 ingredients

Fellow pork and

spice lovers, get to know your new favorite spicy recipe


You will add a sweet and spicy touch, then massage it into pork loin. From there, how to serve is up to you.

I think this is amazing in tacos or in a soft baguette with lots of crispy salad. Or, keep it simple with a tasty potato dish.

7. 30-minute Sichuan Ginger Spicy Meat

Imagine tender strips of flank steak topped with a five-spice Chinese Szechaun sauce. Now put it with crispy carrots and celery strips for a spicy Sichuan beef that will rival any restaurant.

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Oh, and I mentioned it’s ready in just 30 minutes? I

know it’s

hard to believe, but it’s true


8. Crispy chili meat

Now, this

is a safe way to warm up on a cold day


Sirloin and a well-balanced hot sauce come together in this rewarding recipe


Be sure to get both sides of the meat nice and crispy, then soak it with sauce


9. Spicy chicken


If a pinch of red chili flakes isn’t enough for you, try this pasta dish by size. It is much more than Nonna’s usual pasta recipe.

The chicken breast gets a hint of cayenne spices and smoked paprika for an extra twist, and it’s all swimming in a double-cream spicy tomato sauce.

The only way this recipe improves is with a piece of warm garlic bread.

10. Spicy tomato paste from a pot

I love easy meals from a pot, and this one doesn’t disappoint


You will turn canned tomatoes into a spicy and spicy sauce, then pour them over rigatoni with golden sausage


11. Popper Jalapeño Chicken Casserole Every

fan of spicy food loves jalapeno poppers. So why not turn them into a full meal?

This casserole is cheesy, spicy, tasty, and has bacon to boot!

Need I say more? I thought not.

12. 15-minute spicy


Don’t worry, shrimp lovers; I didn’t forget you!

Here is a quick and easy shrimp recipe that is covered in a mixture of four spices, sautéed, and then garnished with parsley


I also like a little touch of lemon in mine


13. Shrimp and spicy crabs

It makes my mouth water just thinking about this dish


It is a double whammy of seafood spread in chili and butter and tomato sauce. It also comes with corn cobs for touches of crispy sweetness.

It is similar to a crayfish boil, except that it features shrimp and crabs instead



. Jambalaya

Jambalaya is the Creole dish par excellence. It has many variations, but this is best for spices.

I love the combination of andouille sausage, chicken and shrimp. However, I know that not everyone agrees with okra.

Don’t worry; if you leave it out, you’ll still have a phenomenal jambalaya


15. Spicy seafood paella Paella

is like the Spanish jambalaya cousin. It has rice and sausages, except it’s more of a seafood dish.

This one comes with four different types of seafood and Spanish chorizo for color and flavor


The serranos turn up the heat, but not too much


16. Spicy Chicken Tacos These aren’t

just chicken tacos, they’re a

vibrant and tasty mix of spicy chicken and fresh fillings


Pico de gallo and avocado are my favorite options to top it off and, of course, a drizzle of my favorite hot sauce


17. Ground beef spicy nachos

If you like meat nachos, here’s the ultimate recipe


You’ll be able to spice up beef to perfection with a variety of flavorings like marinade sauce, cumin, and chili powder


Then make a pan with tortilla chips, beef, cheese, and all the fresh fixation you can handle


18. Spicy chicken and

corn soup

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No matter the time of year, I can appreciate a good fish soup. It’s creamy, often slightly sweet and super comforting.

This is a recipe I especially like when. Nothing else will do if I have a longing for something tasty, spicy and creamy.

It’s full of chicken, vegetables, and the perfect amount of spices.

19. Spicy Sausage Cookies Breakfast Casserole

If this isn’t your first visit to the site, you’ll know I’m crazy about breakfast casseroles


So, here’s one I like to go out for game days or weekend breakfasts with friends


The flaky cookies are filled with plenty of salty sausages and sticky cheese. But that’s not all, because there are also some fresh jalapeños and green chiles hidden in the mix.

20. Jalapeño Poppers

You didn’t think I could put this list together without the traditional jalapeno poppers, did you?

Each hot pepper is filled with cream cheese with garlic and topped with breadcrumbs. It’s simple but quite delicious.

21. Chipotle Chicken Quesadillas Quesadillas

are my favorite snack of all time. They are satisfying and full of sticky cheese, plus they are also ideal for a light dinner or lunch.

This quesadilla oozes tomato and shredded chipotle chicken and spicy cheddar cheese.

It’s a bit smoky, spicy and completely delicious.

22. Nando

Homemade Spicy Rice Nando

has a cult following in the UK, and they even have one in downtown Toronto. That’s where I first experienced this Portuguese chicken restaurant and was totally hooked!

Chicken comes in a few different flavors with different levels of spices. But it’s the rice that keeps me coming back again and again.

Start by sautéing onions and peppers. From there, you’ll add spices and broth before mixing some green peas.

If you can get some Piri-Piri chicken, you will have one of the best spicy chicken dishes


Insider Tip: You can buy their hot sauces and dry massages online!

23. Hot and spicy pork

While this may not be completely traditional, it’s good to add it to the list


The opposing forces of Frank’s Red Hot and brown sugar merge harmoniously to create a tasty spicy and spicy sauce


To make sure your pork is nice and crispy, top it with cornstarch before adding the sauce


24. Mac with spicy jalapeno


I have dreams about this adult cheese macaroon


It is brimming with rich creamy goodness thanks to the triple threat of cheese. And that’s the perfect combination for bacon, jalapeños and a touch of cayenne.

Take a bowl, but I warn you, this is the definition of irresistible


25. Ultimate Old Clothes

The world is full of amazing authentic kitchens and home cooks who know how to make spices right. This recipe falls into that list.

Ropa vieja is a Cuban dish that is considered one of the country’s national dishes. And this recipe, folks, is a sensational interpretation.

It is a tasty, spicy and fragrant dish with beef as the star.

While the ingredient list is long and somewhat intimidating, any spice lover can appreciate the grandeur that happens here.

26. Spicy eggs and potatoes from a pot


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for a tasty breakfast recipe that’s also full of flavor and spices? This recipe for a pot is my best bet.

It is

similar to shakshuka

, which is a style of poaching eggs in a red sauce.

The difference is that the sauce requires a generous pinch of ancho chili and there’s also some kale, potatoes, and goat cheese in the mix


It’s a rustic, fresh garden touch and incredibly worth longing for


27. Hot Beans Baked with Bacon

From ribs to breast, this is the spicy accompaniment to accompany all your barbecue favorites

. Spicy, sweet and spicy, these baked beans

are downright tasty and homey. The key to these baked beans

is a splash of apple cider vinegar, a hint of molasses, and fresh jalapeños. That and you’ll have to use some bacon fat for cooking.

28. Spicy Lasagna Soup

Spicy lasagna soup

is the best comfort food. It’s filled with tasty Italian sausages, tender lasagna noodles and cheese.

What’s even better is that you have the lasagna flavors you crave without tedious montage


29. Southwest Spicy Salad

There are a fair amount of hearty dishes on this list. So if you’re looking for something fresher, try this.

I admit it’s not a light leafy green salad, but it has flavor and a ton of vegetables


Black beans and corn are quintessential supplements of the Southwest. So is the creamy and spicy dressing of the Southwest.

The best part, however, is the citrus-spicy marinade you spread on the


Buffalo chicken wings

30. Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Wings

Buffalo wings are probably the first thing that comes to mind when you crave spicy food. They are delicious, juicy, tasty and classic.

Hot finger-licking sauce is the epitome of perfection and, better yet, this recipe only requires three ingredients and 30 minutes of your time.

Mexican jalapeño cornbread

31. Mexican cornbread

Remember that 5-alarm chili from above? Well, for a real fiery party, I think you should serve it with this Mexican cornbread.

You’ll take a box of Jiffy blend and fix it with some extra ingredients like cheese and chili peppers.

Don’t forget the cream of corn and sour cream too! That’s crucial to keep this cornbread from drying out.

32. Spicy Sriracha Noodles

During the colder months, I constantly crave sorbable Asian noodles. Fortunately, these easy spicy noodles hit the nail on the head every time.

This 15-minute recipe has just the right amount of spices and I love fluffy eggs. It’s also an excellent building block, so there’s plenty of room for interpretation.

I like to add some bell pepper, carrots and broccoli to mine. Oh, and a splash of lime too.

33. Baked Spicy Salmon

I like salmon any way you do it. The good thing about this recipe is that it is easy, fast and the rubbing is ready.

You’ll want to find the right balance so you don’t master any of the ingredients. So I recommend starting light with your brown and chipotle sugar to suit your taste.

Fresh, spicy and not too hot, I think everyone can start with this baked salmon.

Spicy recipes

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