How much does car insurance increase with teenage driver

If you have a new driver in your household, you may be wondering how much it will cost to add a teenager to your auto insurance policy. While adding a teen will increase your premiums, it will cost much less than the cost of a separate policy for a teen driver. Check out this guide to explore rates and find the best car insurance prices for a newly licensed teen.

when to buy car insurance for your teenager

While licensed drivers pose less risk to the insurance company compared to fully licensed teen drivers due to adult supervision requirements, Wallethub suggests that you check your state and insurer guidelines before you begin. collect quotes. In most states, you must add your teen to your auto insurance policy as soon as she has her instruction permit. Some states, such as Maryland, Indiana, and Illinois, also allow insurance companies to make this a requirement as well. In other cases, your teen will be covered under your policy until she turns 18 or has a full license.

Reading: How much does car insurance increase with teenage driver

the cost of car insurance for teenagers

Expect your premium to go up when you add your teen to your car insurance. According to reviews.com, motorists ages 16 to 19 have higher accident rates than all other drivers. That creates significant claim risk for the auto insurance company, resulting in higher premiums for you.

Insurance.com looked at insurance company rate changes in 10 different zip codes when a 40-year-old man with full coverage in a 2019 Honda Accord received quotes to add a 16-year-old teen driver. the website found that:


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