How much does gastric sleeve surgery cost with insurance

costs may vary depending on your location. When considering how you will pay for the surgery, the price of laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery should not affect your decision to choose a qualified surgeon. Of the three most popular bariatric surgeries (gastric banding, sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass), gastric bypass is the most expensive. Duodenal switch surgery and some revision procedures tend to be the most expensive of all bariatric procedures.

Our price survey for 2015 indicates that the average cost of gastric bypass surgery was reduced by about $800 compared to 2014.

Reading: How much does gastric sleeve surgery cost with insurance

  • $15,000 to $35,000 is the price range across the country.
  • $23,000 is the most frequently quoted average surgery price.
  • $25,571 is the average cost of gastric bypass.
  • * the above prices are cash prices.

    Is a lower price better?

    lower price is not always better. In fact, the lowest prices are almost always offered outside of the United States. Medical tourism has become very popular because they can offer such a large reduction in the price of surgery that it more than offsets the price of the trip (which is often included in the price). Although surgery outside the country has its own set of pros and cons, choosing surgery based on price alone is generally not a good idea.

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    Gastric bypass surgery is major surgery, and while the chance of a major complication is low, it can and does happen. On the day of surgery, you don’t want to wonder if you chose a sub-par surgeon to save a few bucks. you will have enough worries and doubts about his decision; this is normal. therefore, while price is obviously important, it should not be the only factor in determining the surgeon.

    prices vary by state

    Gastric bypass is one of the best procedures for long-term weight loss. While many insurance companies cover gastric bypass surgery, some of us are forced to pay out of pocket. Different surgeons and different facilities offer a wide range of prices. And if you’re willing to travel, you’ll notice that our 2015 price survey shows a wide variation in prices across the US. uu.

    It is important to note that traveling for gastric bypass comes with some significant drawbacks. You will not be able to attend support groups. it will be difficult to make your pre- and post-op appointments. our advice, shop around, but make sure you’re not traveling so far that you can’t get much-needed post-op support.

    Does a lower price indicate that my surgeon is less skilled? no. interestingly, there does not seem to be a direct correlation between price and the experience or skill of the surgeon (which is difficult to measure). in fact, the hospital usually creates the cash price and the surgeon may choose to offer this price to his patients. some surgeons will choose a higher price and others will choose to offer the hospital price to win more business. this is especially true for new surgeons (who can be highly trained) who are still trying to build their business base.

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    A better indicator of skill is the experience of the surgeon and the rate of complications. When you start interviewing surgeons, ask how many of each procedure they’ve done and what their complication rate is. the average complication rate in the united states ranges from 7% to 14% according to most studies adams td, gress re, smith sc, et al. (August 2007), “Long-Term Mortality After Gastric Bypass Surgery,” n. english j. medicine 357 (8): 753-61.

    if you can find a surgeon who has performed many procedures, has a low complication rate, is friendly, is genuinely interested in making you healthier, and the price of your gastric bypass surgery is somewhere in the extreme mid or low end of the spectrum, then you’ve found a winner.

    will insurance pay for gastric bypass?

    yes. You are generally covered if your policy includes coverage and you meet the criteria for your policy. note that many policies specifically exclude coverage. employers will do this because it is less expensive if you opt out. a quick call to hr can usually answer any questions you may have about coverage. and arm yourself with data showing the effects of obesity. ask your human resources department if they would consider including coverage. You can also check to see if your insurance company offers coverage.

    costs after surgery


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