How much does insurance cost for a teenage driver

Teenagers are charged some of the highest car insurance premiums of any age. This is mainly due to their lack of driving experience, which can lead to a higher chance of accidents. If you have a teen driver to add to your auto insurance policy, you may be concerned about finding the best coverage at the best price so you can protect your finances and budget. Bankrate’s insurance editorial team looked at average rates from the nation’s largest companies, along with teen-specific coverage options and discount programs to help you find the best auto insurance for your teen driver.

best car insurance for teen drivers

We choose the best teen car insurance companies by analyzing factors specific to teen drivers. First, we researched average auto insurance rates pulled from quadrant information services. however, price is far from the only factor to consider when insuring a teenager, especially when it is known that teenagers are more prone to accidents than any other age group. To that end, we also look at coverage options, teen-specific discounts, safe driving programs, and third-party scores for each insurer.

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We collect these factors to create a bank rate score for each company, calculated on a scale of 0.0 to 5.0. the higher a company’s score, the higher that carrier’s ranking in the individual categories. our bank rate score can help you understand a company’s overall profile when shopping for teen car insurance.

It’s helpful to know that while your age affects your auto insurance premium in most states, Hawaii and Massachusetts prohibit this practice. Similarly, in California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania, auto insurance companies are prohibited from using gender as a rating factor.


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      • average geico rates for teens

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            • average state farm rates for teens


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                  • average progressive rates for teens

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                        • allstate average rates for teens

                          average cost of car insurance for teen drivers

                          The average cost of auto insurance varies for young male and female drivers, with female teen drivers generally paying less than male drivers. Keep in mind, however, that Hawaii and Massachusetts prohibit the use of age in calculating auto insurance premiums. Additionally, California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania prohibit the use of gender as a rating factor.

                          Female drivers often pay less than their male counterparts, as male drivers are considered riskier to insure. Studies show that men accelerate more and generally exhibit more risky behavior behind the wheel than female drivers. Teen and young adult drivers also have the highest cell phone use of all age groups, which can increase the risk of causing an accident or receiving a ticket due to distracted driving.

                          This is the average annual premium for full coverage auto insurance for teen men and women added to their parent’s policy:

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                          *rates reflect total cost for two adult drivers, one teen and one vehicle

                          Car insurance rates generally decline as drivers get older and more experienced behind the wheel. By maintaining a clean driving record and taking advantage of discounts, teen drivers can generally look forward to lower auto insurance costs over time.

                          average cost of auto insurance for teen drivers by state

                          The state you live in also affects your auto insurance premium, as illustrated in the table below. Hawaii and Massachusetts prohibit age in determining auto insurance rates, which means rates in those states will generally be lower than the national average.

                          Hawaii is the cheapest state for teen drivers of all four ages. new york, louisiana and florida have the most expensive car insurance rates when adding a young driver to their parent’s policy.

                          These rates are based on the nation’s major insurers and are for teen full coverage auto insurance added to their parent’s policy and therefore reflect the additional cost and not the full cost.

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                          *rates reflect total cost for two adult drivers, one teen and one vehicle

                          **age is not a contributing qualifying factor in hawaii and massachusetts due to state regulations.

                          how teen driver rates are determined

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                          Auto insurance companies consider several factors when determining teen auto insurance rates. Some of the main considerations include:


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