How much does lap band cost with insurance

updated for 2017 ~

costs may vary depending on your location. Don’t let the price of gastric band surgery affect your decision to choose a qualified surgeon. in fact, choosing a good surgeon is one of the most important options you have before surgery.

Reading: How much does lap band cost with insurance

  • $8,700 to $29,000 is the price range across the country.
  • $14,532 is the average price of a gastric band in the United States.
  • cash prices tend to be lower than if insurance pays.
  • Surgery centers often offer outpatient gastric banding procedures that can be less expensive than a hospital.
  • prices per state

    We already have the results for 2015! the average price for gastric band surgery fell 4% this year compared to last.

    in states where weight loss surgery is prevalent (ie texas and oklahoma), prices tend to be lower. this is likely due to competition and higher surgery volumes.

    should you shop around?

    It makes sense to shop around if you’re paying cash for gastric band surgery. prices vary widely in the united states. if possible, stay within a few hours of your hometown. why? follow-ups, support groups and pre-op appointments will be easier to do. a successful gastric band surgery is not just the result of having surgery.

    Lifestyle change is necessary to lose weight and keep it off. Your surgeon should offer regular support groups, a dietitian, and often a psychiatrist or counselor on staff. Taking advantage of these resources is easier if your surgeon is close by.


    states with the lowest gastric band prices

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    1. oklahoma – $8,800 2. texas – $10,085 3. nebraska – $10,680

    states with the highest gastric band prices

    1. Minnesota – $22,500 2. Idaho – $20,580 3. New Mexico – $18,952


    Should you pay cash for your gastric band surgery?

    The ability to pay cash for gastric band surgery makes the decision to have the surgery easier. You don’t have to worry about going through an insurance company, passing required tests, making necessary appointments, and following a medically supervised diet. As long as you meet the minimum requirements for gastric band surgery in the United States, you can have the surgery as soon as a surgeon can schedule you.

    but before shelling out $15k for a gastric band, consider the following:

    1. How much weight will you lose with gastric band surgery? Have you weighed the risks and benefits yet?
    2. If you have a complication, will your insurance cover it or will you have to pay out of pocket?
      • Most insurance companies will cover complications, but there are many cases where they don’t. Many people have flown to Mexico or India to save money. they come back after successful surgery and the band slips or they have trouble swallowing and require an egd (an endoscope that is placed into the esophagus) to diagnose the problem. Are you willing to pay these costs? they can be in the thousands. Be sure to call your insurance company and let them know that you are paying out-of-pocket for gastric band surgery and want to be sure they will cover the cost of any complications.
      • Ask your surgeon what is included in gastric band surgery.

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