How much does liability car insurance cost per month

Auto liability insurance costs an average of $180 a month. The rate an auto insurance company quotes you will change based on your driving record, where you live, and more. There are also ways to lower your premium, like discounts.

how much does car liability insurance cost?

The average rate for auto liability insurance is $2,160 a year or $180 a month. this average will vary, depending on the state you live in and other factors.

Reading: How much does liability car insurance cost per month

The following table shows the annual and monthly average rates for all 50 states, as well as the minimum coverage auto insurance limits for each state. state requirements are listed on the form of Bodily Injury Per Person/Bodily Injury Coverage Per Accident/Property Damage Coverage. For example, Maryland’s minimum coverage requirements are 30/60/15. This means Maryland drivers must carry at least:


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