How much does motorcycle insurance cost in texas

Passengers looking for the cheapest motorcycle insurance in Texas can look to liability-only policies. These policies meet the Texas motorcycle insurance laws and minimum requirements, but don’t go above and beyond. This is why drivers should choose not to make their decisions solely based on the lowest motorcycle insurance rates in Texas. instead, it’s better to get full coverage, which includes comprehensive and collision coverage.

In the analysis below, Moneygeek examined a good Texas rider with 50/100/25 liability only coverage.

Companies that offer the cheapest motorcycle insurance in Texas with liability coverage rates only include the following:

  • progressive: $79 per year
  • brand: $89 per year
  • progressive rates are 86.59% lower than the most expensive option in texas, which is nationwide. nationwide it offers its liability-only policies at a hefty price of $589 per year.

    average annual premium for liability coverage

    A full coverage policy is the best insurance option for passengers in texas because it offers comprehensive and collision coverage. Comprehensive insurance helps protect a rider’s bike if it’s damaged outside of an accident, while collision coverage pays for damage to the motorcycle if you’re at fault in an accident.

    Riders who are still in the process of paying for their bike should have full coverage insurance instead of just liability.

    In this analysis, MoneyGeek used a sample profile of a good passenger in Texas with 50/100/25 coverage and a $500 deductible for comprehensive and collision coverage.

    The companies that offer the cheapest full coverage motorcycle insurance in Texas are:


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