How much does title insurance cost in illinois

what is title insurance?

Title insurance is a major cost component of closing costs that always intrigues a first-time homebuyer. title insurance in illinois protects buyers and lenders from financial liabilities that may arise due to a title defect or hidden lien.

Take a look at our title insurance explainer video to see how title insurance can protect your lender and your property in the event of a title defect.

There are two types of Illinois title insurance policies: lender’s title insurance policy and owner’s title insurance policy.

Illinois lenders often require borrowers to purchase an illinois lender’s title insurance policy that guarantees protection for illinois lenders against problems arising from defects in the title of an illinois property. On the other hand, the Illinois homeowner’s title insurance policy protects the buyer against claims and liens.

title insurance policy premiums in illinois displayed as an itemized listing of a closing cost spreadsheet for a buyer and seller, such as a closing disclosure, loan estimate, hud-1 or a statement of high liquidation. If you want to preview what these costs look like, use this free Illinois title insurance calculator.

do i need a homeowners title policy in illinois?

The lender’s policy can protect the lender. however, multiple cases of unknown defects such as lost heirs, incorrect documentation, unfair court proceedings, etc., do not enter the title search. this is where the owner’s policy protects homeowners and protects their property. therefore, it is always recommended to purchase the owner’s policy along with the lender’s policy. As a general rule, it’s always best to get title insurance, whether or not your state requires it.

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how much does title insurance cost in illinois?

counties in illinois with peak home buying and selling activity charge quite a bit for title insurance compared to other states. Most Illinois real estate transactions take place in the Chicago area. therefore we will consider the applicable costs in these counties.

A $300,000 property will cost about $1,920 for owner’s title with $525 fixed as lender’s title policy, for a total of $2,445.

Note that this price does not include the cost of endorsements. endorsements or liens on a property will cost more.

To give you some perspective, these 3 use cases give you a complete idea of ​​what to expect when closing in Illinois.


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