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The cost of employer-sponsored health insurance coverage is important to both employees and business owners. But how much do employers pay for health insurance? that depends.

Employer-sponsored health insurance can vary based on the plan you offer, where you operate your business, and more.

Reading: How much employers pay for health insurance

Business owners want to make sure they have a thorough understanding of the costs they face when offering health insurance coverage options.

Employees want to know as much as they can about employer-sponsored health insurance coverage to determine if they need to take additional steps to obtain coverage. sometimes it can even influence whether or not they accept a job.

How much does employer health insurance cost?

Obviously, plan type, insurance carrier, employee census, business location, and many other factors will affect the price of an employer’s health insurance. The eHealth Survey of Small Business Owners revealed some interesting statistics about average premiums for employer health insurance compared to individual or family health plans:


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