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For those who operate a fleet or commercial vehicle, there are many insurance needs to consider. Of course, it’s important to cover the vehicle itself, but what about the goods it can carry? Whether you’re transporting your own goods or you’re a carrier transporting goods for others, it’s important to consider what you would do if something were to happen to those goods.

what is the insurance of goods in transit?

In-transit goods insurance is designed to cover goods that are being transported by vehicle from one place to another. coverage applies when goods are transported in the course of business.

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The insurance will normally cover the goods when they are in transit in the event of:

• loss • damage • theft

Coverage does not extend to items when they are stored in a warehouse or similar, only when they are in transit.

In-Transit Goods Insurance is designed to cover only the contents being transported, not the vehicle; it is usually required in addition to the insurance on the vehicle itself. Some commercial auto insurance may include an element of property in transit insurance, but you’ll need to check the details of the policy to be sure.

Who needs transit insurance?

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If you use your vehicle to transport goods of any value, then transit goods insurance may be worth considering for your business. you can only operate one vehicle or you can have a fleet of vehicles.

In-transit goods insurance can be beneficial for your business if you are:

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transport your own property, such as tools, equipment or materials associated with your business

carry goods for others, such as a courier or carrier. since the assets are not yours, the financial implications of something going wrong could be more significant

Some industries that may want to consider coverage include:

• couriers • movers • carriers and those in the transportation industry

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If you’re transporting goods for others, some customers may expect you to be covered so they know their business and financial interests are covered if something were to happen to their items while they’re in transit.


what types and levels of coverage are available?

The types and levels of coverage available will depend on several factors. As usual, before purchasing any insurance coverage, it’s important to read the policy wording to understand exactly what coverage you’re getting.


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