How much is insurance for a bounce house business

How much is insurance for a bounce house business

Video How much is insurance for a bounce house business

commercial bouncy castle insurance for bouncy castle centers and retailers

Commercial bouncy castle insurance, or simply commercial bouncy castle insurance, serves to protect those who run bouncy castle centers or retail businesses against personal injury claims and property damage claims. Protection against such risks is offered through bounce house business liability insurance and other coverages included in bounce house insurance.

bouncy castle insurance: civil liability policies

Inflatable bounce house insurance has liability policies that can protect you from the common risks involved in operating such businesses. There are several types of bounce house liability insurance that can accomplish this purpose. however, bounce house insurance companies and we also recommend general liability and professional liability insurance for bounce houses.

bounce house general liability insurance

General liability insurance protects your bounce house or retail business from personal injury claims and property damage claims resulting from accidents. This is a bounce house insurance coverage that is common to have as it covers you from the most basic and common risks you may face as a bounce house business owner.

Many children’s organizations have shown that bounce houses, while seemingly safe at first glance, are actually dangerous even with proper parental supervision. Here are some common bounce house-related injuries that kids experience:

In addition, here are some interesting findings that will make you understand the importance of the general liability policy included within the insurance for inflatable bounce houses.

  • cnn health: There are 1,500 cases of child injuries related to bouncy house use between 1995 and 2010

  • consumer product safety commission: in 2012 there were 12,800 cases of child injuries related to the use of the bouncy house

  • american methodological society: the inside of a bounce house is much hotter than the surroundings. As a result, children who play are at risk for heat-related injuries such as heat stroke and heat exhaustion

    Also, here are some real-life cases where inflatable bouncer insurance that includes general liability might have been helpful.

    • Saratoga County: Little Tikes, a toy store and bounce house in Queensbury, faced a lawsuit after its bounce house injured two children during a children’s event

    • fort lauderdale – all star events, a bouncy house retailer in miami lakes, faced a lawsuit after one of the children playing in its bouncy house suffered a concussion due to an accident.

    • Tampa – Big Bounce, a company that manufactures and sells bouncy castles to consumers, faced a $30,000 lawsuit after someone claimed to have been in an accident while using the company’s bouncy castle in raymond james stadium.

    • texas – pump it up, a bouncy house and inflatable toy center, was ordered to pay $1.3 million in compensation to a 9-year-old boy who was injured while playing

      With general liability insurance coverage, your bounce center or retail business doesn’t have to worry if someone files a personal injury claim or a property damage claim. This is because the policy provides $1 million to $2 million for you to pay victim compensation, attorney fees, and other legal costs.

      product liability insurance for the bounce house business

      Product liability insurance is additional coverage included in general liability insurance. It’s also possible to get this as a stand-alone policy from companies that offer custom inflatable insurance for bouncy house businesses. This policy applies if the customer files a property damage claim or a personal injury claim because the bouncer has manufacturing defects, design defects, or improper labeling.

      Always confirm with your carrier if your general liability insurance has product liability coverage because a basic general liability policy will not cover personal injury or property damage arising from product issues. Keep in mind that having product liability coverage is very important if you’re selling bounce houses.

      professional liability insurance for bouncy castle business

      All bouncy house retailers must disclose potential hazards of their products to children of customers. On the other hand, all the bounce houses must have personnel who can help or watch for accidents while the children play.

      Non-disclosure, lack of assistance, or failure to care for children may be grounds for professional negligence. professional negligence lawsuits can be expensive. Without proper commercial inflatable insurance covering such a risk, expect to pay $100,000 – $500,000 to close things out.

      Bounce house insurance includes professional liability coverage in addition to general liability coverage. This type of bouncy castle liability insurance will take care of lawsuits when your retail bounce house business is accused of neglecting to educate customers about the dangers of a bounce house. if you are running a bounce center then this policy will be triggered if staff fail to provide assistance or protect children while playing.

      • reno, nevada: The bouncy house boy was sued by a reindeer family, who accused the owner of negligence in failing to warn his customers about the dangers of using a bouncy house during bad weather

        • noblesville: A jump’n’play customer suspects that an employee’s negligence may have contributed to his son’s injuries while playing on a bouncy castle and plans to file a lawsuit

          Wait a minute, what if you’re just a bouncy castle rental business and not a bouncy castle center or retailer? can it also be sued and covered? absolutely! That’s what bouncy castle rental insurance is for. Let’s discuss what’s next.

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