How much is insurance for a bounce house business

commercial bouncy castle insurance for bouncy castle centers and retailers

Commercial bouncy castle insurance, or simply commercial bouncy castle insurance, serves to protect those who run bouncy castle centers or retail businesses against personal injury claims and property damage claims. Protection against such risks is offered through bounce house business liability insurance and other coverages included in bounce house insurance.

bouncy castle insurance: civil liability policies

Inflatable bounce house insurance has liability policies that can protect you from the common risks involved in operating such businesses. There are several types of bounce house liability insurance that can accomplish this purpose. however, bounce house insurance companies and we also recommend general liability and professional liability insurance for bounce houses.

Reading: How much is insurance for a bounce house business

bounce house general liability insurance

General liability insurance protects your bounce house or retail business from personal injury claims and property damage claims resulting from accidents. This is a bounce house insurance coverage that is common to have as it covers you from the most basic and common risks you may face as a bounce house business owner.

Many children’s organizations have shown that bounce houses, while seemingly safe at first glance, are actually dangerous even with proper parental supervision. Here are some common bounce house-related injuries that kids experience:

In addition, here are some interesting findings that will make you understand the importance of the general liability policy included within the insurance for inflatable bounce houses.


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