How much is insurance on a volkswagen beetle

  • volkswagen beetle insurance costs an average of $1,386 per year, $693 for a 6-month policy, or $116 per month.
  • the volkswagen beetle only differs from the average insurance rate of the compact car segment by $27 per year.
  • the cheapest volkswagen beetle insurance is on the hatchback at $1,316 per year, or about $110 per month.
  • Insuring an older model Beetle can reduce your insurance bill by $326 each year.
  • how much does vw beetle insurance cost?

    Volkswagen Beetle car insurance costs an average of $1,386 per year, depending on location, age of driver, and other factors. collision insurance costs about $546 a year, comprehensive (or other non-collision) coverage is about $304, and the remaining liability/medical (or pip) coverage will cost about $536.

    The table below details the average cost of insurance for a 2019 VW Beetle using a variety of different driver ages and risk profiles.

    To help you understand the full range of possible rates, consider that an insurance policy with just liability coverage for a beetle in some parts of Indiana or North Carolina can cost as little as $225 a year.

    for the same volkswagen beetle model year, a newly licensed teen driver with an accident and ticket in specific new york city zip codes could receive an auto insurance bill of $13,178 a year for a policy that provides full coverage.

    Listed below are some additional examples of rates, policy discounts, and ways to keep costs down.


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