How much is liability insurance for a gym

gyms carry more risks than many other industries. Gym insurance, which can be a single policy, such as general liability, or a combination of policies, such as a business owner’s policy (BOP), protects your business in the event of customer injuries, subsequent lawsuits, and damages to his team. while costs can vary, the general liability for a gym ranges from about $200 to more than $4,000 a year.

A gym or health club may require many different policies. Seeking a professional to help determine the best coverage and providers for your business makes sense. coverwallet, an online insurance broker, can do both. Get a free, no obligation quote from multiple vendors today.

Reading: How much is liability insurance for a gym

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who needs gym insurance?

If you’re self-employed as a fitness instructor or own a small gym, consider gym insurance.

A fitness instructor teaching classes outdoors in a public park needs only general liability. But if he brings weights to the park, he’ll also want some sort of commercial property to protect the equipment from it.

The situation is different for someone who owns a gym; They should consider a bop. They should also investigate workers’ compensation if they have employees.

A virtual trainer who teaches classes online should still consider a professional liability policy. could be held liable if her instruction for a specific exercise is incorrect and ends up injuring a client.

Some other companies that should consider gym insurance are:

gym insurance costs

Due to the nature of the business, gym insurance carries a higher level of risk, so the premium is higher than for other businesses. We receive sample quotes for small facilities: around 2,500 square feet and revenue less than $500,000 a year. the total cost of insurance can still be more than $10,000 a year. larger gyms and fitness centers with additional services should expect to pay more.

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Multiple factors affect gym insurance costs. When you apply, you will be asked about the square footage of the gym, the number of employees, and whether you hire minors or let minors exercise. there are additional questions, such as hours of operation and whether massage therapy is available.

many insurers have excluded activities or will charge significantly more for the following:

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