How much is motorcycle insurance in new york city

How much is motorcycle insurance in new york city

We collected hundreds of motorcycle insurance quotes throughout New York State and found that Geico offers the lowest price for motorcycle insurance, especially for people who live in New York City. Geico offers its motorcycle insurance for $488 a year, making it the cheapest option in New York.

Motorcycle insurance isn’t just a legal requirement – ​​for riders who have invested heavily in their bikes, it also offers protection against accidental damage both on and off the road. We take a closer look at the best New York motorcycle insurance options and how much they cost.

the cheapest motorcycle insurers in new york

We collected hundreds of motorcycle insurance quotes from dozens of New York cities to determine which motorcycle insurer offers the lowest rates. Geico offered the most affordable rates, with a typical price of $488 per year.

Best for Most People: Nationwide

Our best motorcycle insurance option for motorcyclists in New York State is Nationwide. offered a very competitive rate throughout new york, with an average price of $530 per year. That’s 25% less than the average for all insurers in the state.

We were also impressed with the customer service ratings and nationwide coverage options. It had a low complaint rate of 0.88 from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), meaning it received about 88% of the complaints from a typical insurer of its size. and offers a nice variety of coverage options and discounts, like a “disappearing” deductible: for every year you go without claims, your deductible is reduced by $100.

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As one of the nation’s leading insurers, it offers a wide range of insurance products across the country, including home, auto and life insurance. you may be able to lower your rate even more by bundling your insurance policies.

best for lowest rates: geico

Motorcyclists focused on getting the lowest price for motorcycle insurance should start with Geico. At $488 per year for motorcycle insurance, Geico was 31% cheaper than the typical New York motorcycle insurer. It was also $41 per year cheaper than the entire country, our overall best pick.

Because of how expensive motorcycle insurance is in New York, Geico is a good option for New York City residents in particular. motorcycle insurance costs in new york are 96% higher than in the entire state of new york. With a citywide average of $2,089, Geico offers savings of $745 compared to the typical New York price.

However, the coverage options and discounts available from Geico are not as plentiful as those from competing insurers. for example, it does not offer a discount for belonging to a motorcycle affinity group or offer an oem parts coverage option.

On the plus side, Geico has a wide variety of different insurance products, so you can bundle your motorcycle, auto, and home insurance policies if you want. doing so gives you a discount and simplifies the process of managing your insurance policies.

best coverage options: progressive

For motorcycle owners who want the best coverage options but want a good price, we recommend progressive insurance. For example, Progressive includes full replacement cost coverage for some motorcycles, which will return a bike to pre-accident condition. and you automatically get $3,000 of coverage for accessories and add-ons, with that ability to purchase up to $30,000 of coverage.

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Their rates weren’t as affordable as our top picks, but they were still a bit cheaper than average: progressvie’s typical price was $621 per year, or $84 cheaper than the average overall.


progressive also has a better than average number of complaints, with a naic complaint index rating of 0.89. that means the company receives 11% fewer complaints than would be expected for a company of its size.

Motorcycle Insurance Costs: City by City Breakdown

To help New York motorcyclists understand precisely how much motorcycle insurance costs, we calculated the average cost of insurance in 49 cities and neighborhoods across the state. For each location, we’ve included the average cost and how it compares to the state average cost.

the best rated motorcycle insurance companies in new york

When considering motorcycle insurance companies, a low price shouldn’t be your only consideration: customer service and financial stability are also important. With that in mind, we compiled the NAIC Complaint Index and Best Financial Strength Rating from five of New York’s leading motorcycle insurers. The NAIC Complaint Rate measures how often a company is the subject of a complaint to the NAIC; The am best rating judges the financial strength of a company.

Note that the NAIC combines auto and motorcycle insurance into a single industry category; As such, these complaint rates are based on each company’s combined premiums for motorcycles and automobiles.

new york motorcycle insurance requirements

all motorcyclists in new york state must have liability insurance. Unlike automobiles, motorcycle insurance policies are not required to include personal injury protection (PIP) or uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. Below, we’ve included a breakdown of New York motorcycle insurance requirements.

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We collected 250 motorcycle insurance quotes from five of the top motorcycle insurance companies doing business in New York State. our sample rider was a 45 year old male riding a 2021 harley-davidson street glide. the coverage limits we include are:


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