How Much Is GAP Insurance: Everything You Need to Know

It’s important to know how much gap insurance costs if you want to buy this kind of protection. Gap insurance protects you from paying for a car you can no longer drive, which can happen if a vehicle is destroyed. This article breaks down everything you need to know about buying gap insurance.

what is differential insurance?

Gap insurance, or general asset protection insurance, covers the difference between a car’s value and the balance the owner owes on their lease or car loan if the vehicle is stolen or cannot be repaired after an accident. This is a benefit you can’t get from standard comprehensive and collision insurance policies, Bankrate says. Drivers are not required to carry gap insurance. however, some states require auto dealers to offer it to their customers.

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how does gap insurance work?

According to wallethub, gap insurance covers the gap between the current value of the car and the amount the owner owes on the loan. If the car is totaled, gap insurance will cover the remaining balance after your standard insurance has paid the actual cash value of the vehicle. That way, you don’t owe the lender money after a car is stolen or totaled.

who needs differential insurance?

The following people can benefit from deficit insurance:

people who paid a small down payment on a car loan

You can get gap insurance if you only paid a small down payment on your car loan, thereby increasing the amount owed on the vehicle.


many car leases come with differential insurance because leases tend to have lower monthly payments compared to car loans and therefore have a wider difference between the amount owed and the actual value of the vehicle .

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sports car owners

If your car has a rapid depreciation rate, having gap insurance can help cover the difference between the car’s actual value and the amount you still owe in the event of a serious accident or theft.

drivers whose car financing covers other products

You can also get differential insurance if your auto loan covers other products, like an extended service agreement or debt from other auto loans. These additions increase your debt without affecting your car’s value, so you may want to consider purchasing gap insurance to cover the difference.

owners of a vehicle with high mileage

If your car has high mileage, its value will depreciate faster than you can repay the loan. getting gap insurance protects you from negative equity, says wallethub.

Where can I get differential insurance?

here are places where you can buy gap insurance:


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