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How much national insurance do i pay

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There are different “classes” of national insurance (NI). The rate people pay depends on their employment status and how much they earn.

New national insurance bands and allowances are usually announced in the finance minister’s budget or autumn statement.

on 23rd march 2022, the uk government announced in the spring 2022 statement an increase in national insurance thresholds for fiscal year 2022 to 2023. this means that employed and self-employed workers own will pay social security contributions on a lower part of their earnings or benefits. We will post updated rates and thresholds before these changes go into effect.

1. Class 1 national insurance thresholds

Employers and employees pay for class 1 national insurance depending on how much the employee earns. you can view these income thresholds by week (table 1.1) or by month (table 1.2).

1.1 weekly thresholds

1.2 monthly thresholds

2. class 1 national insurance rates

2.1 employer fees

This table shows how much employers pay for national insurance for their employees.

2.2 employee rates

This table shows how much employers deduct from employees’ wages.

3. national insurance class 2 and class 4 (self-employed)

There are 2 types of national insurance for self-employed people, depending on their earnings.

3.1 class 2

3.2 class 4

3.3 special rates

4. national insurance class 3 (voluntary)

You can pay for voluntary national insurance to fill or avoid gaps in your record.

If you are paying voluntary contributions for the previous 2 tax years (2021 to 2022 or 2020 to 2021), you will pay the original rates for those years.

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for all other years you will pay the current rate (2022 to 2023).

monthly direct debit payments for 2022 to 2023

how much you pay depends on whether there are 4 or 5 weeks in the month.

5. historical and future rates

You can view national insurance rates and thresholds for previous tax years.

There will be new national insurance rates and thresholds starting April 6, 2022.

6. income tax rates

You can view the income tax rates for the current and previous tax year.


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