How soon can i claim on phone insurance

We use our phones for everything, and these days, wherever we are, they’re always close by. phones are our gps when we are navigating to a new place, our address book, our camera and our personal computer. you can even sleep with it within arm’s reach, take it to the bathroom, or check on it if you wake up during the night. But because of how much we use them, it’s common for mobile phones to get damaged, lost, or even stolen.

That’s where phone insurance comes in. For the times you’ve dropped it, taken it out of your pocket, or left it on the store counter, phone insurance should cover you when you need it most. This blog will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about phone insurance, so you know exactly what it is, how it works, and if it’s worth it to you.

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  • Why do I need phone insurance?
  • How does phone insurance work?
  • what does phone insurance cover?
  • Is phone insurance worth it?
  • How do I get phone insurance?
  • How soon can I claim phone insurance?
  • what to say when claiming phone insurance
  • how to limit the risk of phone theft and damage
  • glossary of phone insurance terms
  • why do I need phone insurance?

    Broken phone screen

    Think of phone insurance as a security blanket: You know that no matter what happens, your phone will be protected from theft, loss, or accidental damage, helping you stay connected no matter what. If you know you’re likely to end up with a cracked screen, for example, phone insurance might be a good idea for you. When the inevitable happens, your phone’s insurer will come to the rescue and pay to repair your damage.

    how does phone insurance work?

    Each month, you’ll pay a few pounds to cover yourself in the event of a phone disaster. if you don’t need a payment, rest assured that you could get some of that money back through our rewards scheme.

    what does phone insurance cover?

    Just as your phone package will vary depending on the network you go on, what’s included with your phone insurance will vary depending on your carrier. ask yourself questions to help determine which factors are important to you. Do you want to be covered in case of theft, accidental damage or breakdown? Would you like phone accessories like cases, screen protectors and headsets to be covered too? And how much excess are you willing to pay? these answers will help you determine the level of coverage you choose.

    so safe phone insurance covers:

    • accidental damage
    • theft or loss
    • breakdowns
    • accessories up to £100
    • international travel
    • phones up to 3 years old
    • frequently asked questions about telephone insurance

      Is phone insurance worth it?

      Today smartphones are high value items and with many of them costing over £500 up front, a contract is the only way most of us can afford to own one.


      A phone contract spreads the cost of the phone over two years and will include text messages, data and phone calls, as well as the phone. Although you can pay between £10 per month and £80 per month for your phone contract, if something happens to your phone or it cannot be repaired outside of your warranty, you will be responsible for payments to your network provider for the rest of the cost. the terms of your contract, even if you can’t use your phone. this is where phone insurance comes into play.

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      To make a claim, you must pay an excess contribution. The amount of the excess you pay will depend on the type of claim you are filing, and must be paid for your claim to be resolved.

      Calculating whether or not phone insurance is worth it to you involves weighing the cost of the premium and overpayment against the cost of replacing your phone, and the likelihood that you’ll have to do so.

      how do i get phone insurance?

      It is possible to get a phone insurance quote online. You’ll need to know which phone model you have and you’ll be asked to fill in a variety of personal information, including your contact details. If you’re happy with the quote you receive, you can apply for a policy right there, and you’re on your way to being fully covered.

      how soon can i claim phone insurance?

      You should be aware that coverage with some phone insurance companies does not activate until 14 days later. so if something happens to your phone at that time, it’s not covered and they won’t pay. be sure to check the fine print here!

      With the most reputable companies, as soon as your phone is lost, damaged or stolen, you can make a claim on your phone insurance, no matter how long you’ve had the policy. the insurance team will carry out the necessary checks to ensure that the claim is valid.

      It’s worth noting that if your phone is stolen, you should contact your local police station as soon as you notice it’s missing and note the incident number. You should also call your network provider, so they can suspend your account to prevent unauthorized use of your phone. then call your insurance provider with this information so they can begin processing your claim.

      what to say when claiming phone insurance

      When you call to make an insurance claim, you should speak honestly with the person on the other end of the phone. When you call, say you want to make a claim and the person on the other end of the line will guide you through the next steps.

      typically, you will need:


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