How to become an insurance agent in colorado

Getting your colorado insurance license is the first step to becoming an insurance agent in colorado. Whether you’re interested in selling property and casualty insurance, accident, life insurance, insurance, or any combination of those lines of authority, this article has the information you need to get started.

the colorado division of insurance has a 5-step process on how to become an insurance agent in colorado. we will guide you step by step; from the license application to insurance exam preparation, the colorado insurance exam and more.

Reading: How to become an insurance agent in colorado

This guide has everything you need to know to get your coinsurance license quickly and easily.

how to get your colorado insurance license

Getting your insurance license in Colorado is easy! just follow our step by step guide. Be sure to bookmark this page so you can visit it again during this process.

step 1. what insurance licenses do you need?

The first step in obtaining your insurance license is choosing which licenses you need. The most common licenses new insurance agents obtain are owned & accident license (p&c), life and medical insurance license (l&h).

The types of insurance products and policies you will sell will determine which licenses you need. Here are some examples of the types of policies you can market with each license:

  • property and casualty insurance license – auto insurance, home insurance, business insurance, etc…
  • life and health insurance license – life insurance, annuities, medicare, health insurance, etc…
  • Most insurance agents and producers choose to obtain personal injury and personal injury licenses, but if you plan to specialize in only one category, then you don’t need all the licenses.

    Insurance adjusters require a separate license. More information on becoming an insurance adjuster can be found here: Colorado Insurance Adjuster License

    step 2. colorado insurance pre-licensing education

    After you’ve determined which licenses you need, you must now take your Colorado Insurance Pre-Licensing Education courses.

    Most people choose to take their insurance pre-licensing course online. these courses are created specifically to give you the skills you need to pass the exam. the types of licenses you choose (also known as “lines of authority”) will determine which courses you take.

    Each line of authority in colorado requires fifty (50) hours of pre-licensing education. This means that if you are going to get all four lines, you will need two hundred and ten 210 hours of education prior to licensing. test.

    You will receive a certificate upon completion of the course. keep this certificate, as you will need it when you take your exam.

    colorado requires you to complete ten (10) hours in the following subjects once (not per line)

    • principles of insurance: 3 hours
    • legal concepts and regulations: 4 hours
    • ethics: 3 hours
    • step 3. colorado insurance license exam

      The next step after completing all the pre-licensing courses is to take the insurance exam. will carry out an exam for each line of insurance you wish to take out. life, accident, & health (la&h) and property & sinister (p&c) are a total of four lines. Pearson Vue in Colorado offers these four exams in two consecutive exams, so you will essentially take four exams, but if you pass them on your first try, you only have to take the exams twice. this option does not shorten exams, but allows you to save the fee for an exam session.

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      You must pass your exams within one year of completing your pre-licensing education course. Colorado offers what is called “partial pass” for these exams. this means that if you take one of the exams and pass one part but not the other, you will receive a waiver of the parts you have passed on your next exam attempt.

      This is a proctored test, which means you will be in a controlled environment with a person watching you. For people who have not tested in a situation like this, they should be aware of this fact and work to control their nerves before taking the test.

      the fee for each exam attempt is $41 for each “consecutive producer exam” (p&c and la&h). When you show up, you must have a photo ID and the original pre-licensing education certificate. each “consecutive” exam will consist of four (4) parts. a summary of each exam is available in this pdf from pearson vue.

      To explain the scoring of this exam, we will quote Pearson Vue:

      See our insurance exam guide. it’s extremely in-depth and will hopefully help you pass the first time.

      The insurance license tests are intentionally difficult, but not impossible by any means. you should study to the point where you are comfortable with the information before attempting the exam. failing the exam is not the end of the world, but keep in mind that you will have to pay the fee every time you try to take the exam.

      You can register to take your exams and find more information on the Pearson Vue Colorado website.

      Step 4. Colorado Insurance License Application

      Once you have completed your exams, you are ready to apply for your license. If you have more than one line of authority for which you have passed the exam, be sure to apply for all of those lines.

      the fee for an online application is $89 plus a service fee of $5 nipr for a total of $94 per line of authority. even if you took your pre-licensing education and “back-to-back” exams like Combined Lines, Property, Accident, Life & Accident & health are counted as four (4) separate lines at the time of application.

      Fill out your application online at the sircon colorado website.

      step 5. application review

      Once you have submitted your application and met all other requirements, the state will review your license application. Your background check will also be reviewed.

      If everything is within acceptable standards, your license should be issued within three (3) days. If there are items from your background check that need to be reviewed, it can slow down the issuance process. if this is the case, the state may contact you to provide context for the issues they have encountered.

      You should receive an email informing you of the acceptance of your license. If three (3) days pass after you submit your application and you have not received an email, please contact the Colorado Insurance Licensing Office at (303) 894-7499.

      You can search for your license yourself on sircon colorado’s license search tool


      You did the work, put in the time and effort, and now you have the key to your own success! we are proud of you. take five (5) minutes and celebrate.

      after obtaining your colorado insurance license

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      once you have passed your exams and completed your license application, you are now a licensed insurance agent in colorado. A common question we hear is, “I have my insurance license, now what?” here are some things you can do or need to know:


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