How to claim hail damage for auto insurance

Hail damage on car hood Claims for car and homeowners insurance decreased in 2021 from 2020. Hail damage presents a dilemma for car owners: It is usually cosmetic but highly visible. Some people decide to live with dings. Others file comprehensive insurance claims only to find out the cost of repair doesn’t meet their deductible.

so, should you get your car fixed? Should you keep a hail damaged car that has been totaled? Will your rates increase? Here are some things to know about filing a hail damage auto insurance claim.

Reading: How to claim hail damage for auto insurance

Does auto insurance cover hail damage?

You’re covered for hail damage if you have comprehensive insurance coverage, known as “non-collision,” which also covers animal strikes, vandalism, and theft. you will have to pay your comprehensive deductible.

It is usually not worthwhile to claim minor hail damage because the repair costs do not exceed the deductible. however, major hail damage can total a car.

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“Now is the time to prepare,” Gina Wilken, public affairs specialist for State Farm, said in a statement. “Call your insurance agent and review your coverage. after a hail storm is not the time to discover that your coverage is outdated.”

how do you file a hail damage claim?

You must have comprehensive insurance to file a hail damage claim. Here are the steps to take if you have to file a hail damage claim:


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