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Have you tried cauliflower rice? It is a perfectly versatile and lightweight garnish. At first I was skeptical of the concept, but now I’ll admit it can be amazing. I will share all my tricks with you today.

If you, like me, crave lighter meals as the weather warms up, try serving cauliflower rice instead of white or brown rice. It is similar in texture, with a pleasant salty taste, and they are pure vegetables! I’ve been trying to fill half my plate with veggies lately, so cauliflower rice is just the ticket.

cauliflower florets

There is an art to cauliflower rice. If you haven’t enjoyed it in the past, it probably wasn’t prepared optimally. In fact, I just ordered the new cauliflower rice option at my favorite chain burritos spot (you probably know that), and I was disappointed. It was too salty and too watery. It can be much better.

Here is a basic introduction on how to prepare cauliflower rice. This recipe is simple and produces perfectly fluffy and lightly scorched cauliflower rice. You’ll also learn how to adjust the recipe to fit many different foods. Let’s go!

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cauliflower into rice” /> Notes and tips on cauliflower rice The key to making great cauliflower rice

is to drain excess moisture from cauliflower rice before cooking


That way, “rice” can caramelize in some places and produce significant flavor bonus points. Otherwise, the rice is simply steamed in the pan, and we all know how convincing steamed vegetables are (heh). Cauliflower can vary greatly in humidity levels, so this step may or may not seem necessary at the time. Trust me, sometimes you really need it.

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The best way to make cauliflower rice is in a food processor with the S-leaf.

I tried making cauliflower rice in different ways: grated by hand, then in the food processor with the grid attachment and again in the food processor with the leaf in S. I was able to squeeze out as much moisture out of the cauliflower rice I did with the leaf in S.

Buy store-bought cauliflower rice to make this recipe faster, with less clutter.

Fair warning: no matter how I grated cauliflower, I made a mess. However, freshly made cauliflower rice has a fresher taste. Properly stored frozen cauliflower rice looks fresher than refrigerated cauliflower rice. You will find details on how to thaw frozen cauliflower rice in the recipe notes.

Cauliflower rice

cooked on the stove tastes better than

roasted cauliflower rice.

I tried roasting cauliflower rice in the oven and didn’t love the results. By the time the rice was golden brown, it had lost a ton of volume and offered a strangely fluffy texture. The rice on the stove was tastier, fluffier and ready before!

See How to Make Cauliflower Rice

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“cauliflower rice preparation” /> Taste variations of



I like to adapt this rice to my food by adding some fresh herbs and maybe a splash of citrus. Here are some suggestions:

Parsley and a

splash of lemon Parsley and

lemon give this dish a Mediterranean or Italian feel. This variation would be lovely with:

  • Grilled main courses, overall
  • crispy Falafel
  • Marinated chickpeas from Jessica or chickpea salad with carrots and dill
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Check out my full Mediterranean cauliflower rice recipe with toasted almonds here

. Cilantro and

a splash of lime Cilantro


lime are suited to Mexican and Indian dishes, as well as Thai curries. Serve this variation with


  • Tacos, tostadas and enchiladas Bowls
  • of Fast Black Bean Burrito Chana
  • Masala and Dal Makhani
  • Thai Curry: Green Thai Curry

  • , Red Thai Curry and Panang Curry

Please let me know how your cauliflower rice turns out in the comments! I really love hearing from you and look forward to your suggestions for serving.

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