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How to cook mussels recipe

Video How to cook mussels recipe

Mussels are vastly underrated: they are cheap, fast and easy to cook, and delicious!

And there’s something so impressive about placing a giant bowl

of mussels

on the table for family and friends to mess with their hands. There are no cutlery around these parts, just lots of napkins!

Mussels with white garlic in a large bowl, ready to eat

How to cook mussels This recipe I’m sharing today is a very classic way to

cook mussels


steamed in a white wine broth with garlic butter. It is very quick and easy, and really makes the most of

the mussels:

  1. sauté the aromatics to create the flavor base (butter, garlic, onion), cook the white wine and then stir the tomato (color, adds texture, interest and a little flavor);

  2. Add mussels;

  3. Hold the lid, cook 8 minutes shaking once or twice

  4. ;

  5. When cooked

  6. , the mussels will open

  7. ;

  8. pour the mussels and all the broth into a large bowl, or serve directly from the pot

    ! Open the mussel, pick up the broth and

  9. devour!

How to cook mussels - Steamed mussels in white wine sauce with garlic

Can you eat mussels that haven’t opened?

Yes you can! It’s an old wives’ tale that mussels that don’t open are turned off. The only reason not to eat mussels that won’t open is if they are too difficult to open!

How to know if mussels are fresh?

Easy – the smell. When raw, mussels smell fresh, like the ocean. Mussels smell very unpleasant. Just trust me when I say you’ll KNOW if they’re off!

What you need

for steamed


Fundamentally, the only ingredients you need to make really tasty mussels are garlic, white wine, and butter or olive oil. Everything else you see below are extras that add an extra element of flavor, but they’re not mandatory.

White wine is really the ingredient that makes all the difference here. Wine adds complexity and flavor to the sauce of an otherwise very simple recipe. Sub-low sodium non-alcoholic chicken broth.

Mussel ingredients in garlic white wine ingredients

The best part is the SAUCE!

It may be totally inappropriate to say this, but for me, the best part of every mussel recipe I’ve tried or ordered is the SALSA.


the mussels cook, they drop a staggering amount of liquid that is essentially real (and free). Seafood stocks. The BEST action one could ask for!

So when mussel juices are mixed with everything else in the pot, you end up with the most outrageously tasty sauce for dipping bread! – Nagi x

More mussel


  • Spanish Paella Mussel

  • paste – cook mussels

  • according to this recipe, remove the meat from the mussels, leaving some in shell for presentation. Cook the pasta, then mix the pasta in a pan with the sauce of these mussels, then add the mussels, lemon juice, season to taste!

  • Seafood Marinara Pasta

  • : Cook mussels by recipe, remove the meat from the mussels and use it in the pasta marinara recipe. Add the cooking broth of this recipe to the tomato sauce in the marinara pasta recipe and cook to reduce. Amazing!??

Crispy bread dipped in mussel sauce

<img src="" alt="Close-up

of mussels with garlic white wine” /> See how

to make it See how

to cook mussels in white wine butter sauce with garlic!

Originally published May 2014. Updated July 2019 with new photos, new videos, and new writing! The recipe was also updated, but the core of the recipe is sam.

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