How to estimate replacement cost of home for insurance

When shopping for a homeowners insurance policy, the main decision you’ll need to make is how much coverage you want to buy for your home. We recommend that you purchase enough coverage to cover the cost of rebuilding your home, also called replacement cost.

Estimating replacement cost can be done with home value calculators, a professional appraisal, or even your own calculation. Purchasing homeowners coverage at a level sufficient to completely rebuild your home will ensure that you are fully covered by your homeowner’s insurer in the unfortunate event of a total loss, in which your home is completely destroyed.

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what is the replacement cost?

Replacement cost is the estimated price of rebuilding a new home that is of similar quality to your old home. The replacement cost will depend on a variety of factors, including construction costs, square footage, the quality of the materials used to build the home, and the features of the home.

It’s important to understand that your home’s replacement cost is not the same as its market value. the market value of your home is its selling price. But this number incorporates more than just the value of the house itself. It includes the value of the land on which it is built, any improvements made to the land itself, and transactional sales costs, such as the gain made on the sale of the property. the cost of building the house, the replacement cost, is just one factor that contributes to the market value of a house.

why is it important to know your home’s replacement value for homeowners insurance?

When you buy homeowners insurance, the main coverage feature you’re looking for is homeowners coverage, or coverage a. Knowing your home’s replacement cost is important because it will help you select the appropriate limits for your homeowners coverage, increasing the chance that you’ll receive enough reimbursement from your insurer to rebuild your home if you file a claim.

If your home is completely destroyed, the difference between the cost to rebuild your home and your home insurance dwelling limit is what you will pay out of pocket.

You can’t be sure your homeowners insurance covers you in full unless your limits are set at or above the replacement cost of your home. If your policy limits aren’t high enough to cover you in the event of a total loss, you don’t have enough insurance. however, homeowners should also be aware that the cost of building a home is not fixed, and even an accurate replacement cost assessment at one time may not be true in the future.

About two out of every three households in the country are underinsured, according to national data. Determining the replacement cost of your home is an important step in increasing the chances that your home insurance will provide adequate coverage. In addition, it can greatly affect the price of your policy. Your home’s coverage limit is one of the biggest factors affecting the cost of homeowners insurance.

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Replacement cost estimates are not a guarantee

Homeowners should seek the best possible estimate of the cost to rebuild their home, but they should also realize that there is no guarantee that it will ultimately be accurate. For example, if a devastating hurricane increases construction costs for everyone in your region, the cost to rebuild a home may be much higher than an initial estimate based on current labor costs and building material prices .

On the other hand, home insurance companies often offer policyholders options to expand their protection and create a barrier against rising costs. Two of those options are extended or guaranteed replacement cost policies, both of which are more expensive than a typical replacement cost policy. An extended replacement cost policy will cover you up to a certain percentage above your dwelling limit.

A guaranteed replacement cost policy will reimburse you in full for rebuilding your home, no matter what the cost. This is the safest option and the one with the highest premiums, but it may not be available in all states and may not be offered by all insurers.

actual cash value versus replacement cost value

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It is important to note that not all home insurance policies will value your home in its rcv. When you buy a policy, you generally have the option to choose between RCV and actual cash value (ACV). While RCV policies will reimburse you to rebuild a similar quality home on the market today, ACV policies take into account depreciation and wear and tear.

ACV policies are cheaper but will leave you with higher out-of-pocket costs if your home or property is damaged or destroyed.

Although rcv coverage is more expensive, it will give you the security of knowing that you will be fully reimbursed for damages to your home, up to your policy limits. exceptions to this rule are policies that do not meet a threshold of 80% of the insured value. This threshold, common among home insurance policies, requires your home’s coverage limits to be at least 80% of your home’s replacement cost. if they are not, you will not be guaranteed full reimbursement for damage to your home.

However, if your home’s limit is below 80% of the insured value threshold, your insurer will pay for damages in the same proportion as the limits chosen for the threshold. in the same scenario, if you choose $120,000 housing limits, you are covered by 75% of the $160,000 threshold. now, your homeowners insurance policy will only cover 75% of the $50,000 in fire damage, or $37,500.

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If homeowners don’t want to choose policy limits as high as the replacement value of their home, they should make sure the limits are at least 80% of the replacement value.

how to calculate the replacement cost of your home

There are a variety of ways to calculate how much it costs to rebuild a home, and getting more accurate estimates will require more effort on the part of you, the homeowner. But considering the need to properly value a home for insurance purposes, every home insurance buyer should use at least one of these resources to obtain an accurate home insurance replacement cost.

methods to calculate replacement cost

Given the importance of an accurate rcv when setting your home insurance limits, we recommend that you do not rely solely on the insurer’s estimates of your home’s replacement value. Incorporating an alternative approach and getting your own or a third-party estimate of your home’s value will increase your confidence that you’ve selected the correct homeowners coverage limits.

getting an appraisal from the insurance company

An insurer often uses its own proprietary technology, or third-party technology, to estimate the replacement cost of the homes it insures. For example, if you get a homeowners insurance quote from State Farm, you’ll use a replacement cost estimator for home insurance calculated by 360value, a tool created by Verisk Analytics.

This method is probably the easiest way to estimate the replacement cost of your home, but it won’t be as reliable as an in-person appraisal. These analytic tools calculate your replacement cost based on the data entered by you and the build costs provided by the creator of the tool. If you plan to rely on an insurer’s estimate, be sure to compare estimates from multiple insurers before committing to an RCV.

get an estimate from an online replacement cost calculator

Several independent companies offer replacement cost estimates online, but no estimate should be trusted more than an insurance company appraisal.

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These replacement cost estimators are available for free or for a one-time price or subscription fee. Examples of websites that offer home replacement value calculators include the Craftsman Construction Cost Calculator and the Bluehammer Home Report.

Users should be aware that an independent housing cost calculator is not necessarily more accurate than an insurer’s tool, as the calculator will use similar questions and rely on the accuracy of user inputs to make an estimate. and as an insurer estimate, will be based on data provided by the creator of the tool which is not guaranteed to be an accurate reflection of construction costs in your location.

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however, it will provide a third-party assessment of your home’s replacement value that you can compare to the estimate provided by your insurer, giving you another point of comparison to make an informed decision.

hire a professional appraiser

The most expensive option, but also the one most likely to produce accurate results, is to hire a professional appraiser. A professional appraiser can provide a qualified opinion on your home’s replacement cost and is licensed or certified to state standards.

A professional appraiser will look at all the factors entered into a replacement cost calculator, but will collect the data through an in-person inspection, adding an extra degree of thoroughness and detail to the process. however, you will pay an additional fee in exchange for this increased scrutiny. Prices for professional appraisals can vary widely depending on where you live, but are typically in the several hundred dollars range.

doing the math yourself

The final option, and the most complicated in terms of personal time investment, is to estimate the replacement cost yourself. in this case, you’ll be trading your own work for a free estimate of the home’s replacement cost.

However, this method runs the risk of obtaining a much less accurate estimate than that of the professionals. Doing the math yourself requires that you estimate the cost per square foot of your home based on local building costs and factor in the cost of a variety of other home features, such as your roof, flooring, fixtures, siding material and more.

This process may require obtaining prices from a variety of vendors, such as roofing companies, who will have a qualified appraisal on the cost of parts of your home.

Calculating replacement cost on your own is a free and educational exercise, but we also recommend that you get some type of formal appraisal, either through an online calculator or from a professional appraiser in person.

what factors affect the replacement cost value of your home?

A variety of factors contribute to your home’s CVR. These factors generally fall into five categorizations: age, square footage, home shape and style, home features and finishes, and fixtures. Whether you’re using an online replacement cost estimator or looking it up yourself, you’ll need to factor all of these factors into your replacement cost calculation.

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