How to find a good health insurance agent

Professional health insurance brokers provide the expertise that can go a long way in finding the best plans for your business and guiding you to the right options. these people are authoritative experts who:

  • know the market. can distinguish the best products from the merely adequate.
  • know the law. are well versed in state and federal regulations that can expose your business to serious liability.
  • They know the industry. They have met the licensing requirements, which requires them to stay current in the insurance market.
  • brokers vs. agents

    When we say “broker,” we mean a professional who can point you to products offered by a variety of companies. This is in contrast to a health insurance agent, who works with a single company and promotes that company’s products. Technically, both types of professionals are licensed as insurance “agents,” but we distinguish between them based on common parlance. If you don’t use a broker, you’ll probably work with an agent at every company you contact.

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    what will the runner do?

    Your broker will help you:

    • shop for the right plans for you and provide you with one or more premium quotes.
    • discuss alternatives with you so you have a clear understanding of your plan options.
    • Implement the plan you select.
    • maintain the account, including resolving billing, eligibility, and claims issues.
    • ease the burden on your time by doing the “groundwork” for you.
    • Get the most out of your coverage after you’ve purchased it.
    • help with the renewal process.
    • broker commissions and fees

      Brokers earn a basic commission for their services, and sometimes they also charge additional fees. commissions are generally based on a percentage of the annual premium and are included in the premium you pay. In other words, a broker’s basic commission is built into the insurer’s rates, so everyone pays them, whether they use a broker or not. on the other hand, fees may be charged for certain additional services. You’ll need to make sure you know what fees, if any, will be charged when you work with a broker. additional fees are usually paid directly to the broker.

      find and choose a broker

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      You can find an insurance professional in your community in several ways:


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