How to Find a Lost Life Insurance Policy – Experian

When a loved one dies, reviewing everything they left behind can seem overwhelming. And while dealing with paperwork during grief is the last thing you want to do, life insurance benefits can be crucial in covering funeral costs, settling a person’s debts, or helping surviving family members pay their bills. /p>

What if you don’t know if your loved one had life insurance or can’t find their policy? To find a loved one’s lost insurance policy, you can search your records, contact your financial advisors, or check your safe deposit box. Read on for other ways to find a missing life insurance policy.

1. find your files

Search your loved one’s paper files and computer for the life insurance policy. You can find a copy of a life insurance application, which can also help: In addition to listing a possible insurance policy, the application will include a list of any other life insurance policies you had at the time you applied.

2. search online


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