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If you’re interested in starting a career in life and health insurance sales, you’ll need to clear a few hurdles first. Requirements to sell life and health insurance vary by state, but all include the need to obtain an insurance license. Research, commitment, and hard work go into getting a life and health insurance sales license, but it’s not too hard to do when you know how to prepare.

Before you go looking for your health insurance license, it’s critical to understand the exam requirements, how to keep your license active, and tips to help you pass on the first try. Becoming a licensed life and health insurance agent is within your reach; just follow these guidelines to reach your goal.

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examination requirements to sell life and health insurance

Registration for life and health insurance exams is state specific. therefore, the first step in understanding the exam requirements is to research your particular state. Start by looking for the department of insurance within any state where you plan to sell insurance.

The life and health insurance exam is one of many different topics that each state insurance department will offer. The specific exam will test your knowledge of both types of insurance. Passing the exam, in addition to meeting other requirements, will allow you to obtain your license and start selling policies. Other requirements for obtaining a life and health insurance license include:


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