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Life insurance can make a big difference to your clients and their families. Customers want to buy life insurance from someone they know and trust, so be sure to ask.

Without the right amount of life insurance, households can take a significant financial hit from losing a primary breadwinner. the emotional trauma experienced by the loss of a loved one is more than enough to handle without the financial impact weighing on the mourners as well.

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Cross-selling life insurance is also great for your business. your agency could see increased client retention and revenue in response. As you already know, income increases with enhanced retention that helps you keep more auto and home premiums.

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To help increase your life insurance sales, licensed life insurance agents can use these tips to learn more about cross-selling insurance policies.

1. hire your non-life licensed customer service representatives

  • The Strategy at a Glance:
    • While Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) cannot discuss life insurance with clients, non-Licensed CVRSs can help identify to customers who need life insurance. csrs and staff members who interact with clients when they visit or call your office can help collect basic information and pass it on to a licensed lifetime agent for review and follow-up
    • to implement your plan:
      • encourage unlicensed csrs and staff members to ask every client who comes into the office to fill out screening forms so you have the most up-to-date information1
      • >

      • Thank customers for taking the time to fill out the forms and let them know someone can follow up with them
      • send completed forms to a licensed professional for review and follow-up2
      • tip: consider offering a reward to the staff member who turns in the most complete forms3
      • 2. mention life insurance in every conversation

        • The Strategy at a Glance:
          • Build the habit of cross-selling by mentioning life insurance and its benefits to every customer and prospect, and encourage staff members to include the life insurance in every conversation
          • Choose topics of conversation that work for you and use them when talking to clients:
            • “do we handle your life insurance here or do you have a policy with another agency?”
            • “By the way, when does your life insurance expire?”
            • “When was the last time our agency reviewed your life insurance coverage?”
            • “Once we have your [auto/homeowners] policy quote, let me give you a quick life insurance proposal to see what kind of price we can offer you.”
            • “It only takes me a few minutes to generate a life insurance quote to give you an idea of ​​the cost. can I make one for you?”
            • “I want to make sure we take the time to talk about the most important policy my agency offers: it’s the policy that helps protect your family’s future.”
            • “As part of our agency’s commitment to your family, we want to make sure they are protected if something happens to you.”
            • If you have a short real-life life insurance story, consider telling it to your client: “Since xxxx happened to my xxxx, I am committed to making sure that I at least offer life insurance to all of my customers, can I do a quick quote so you can see what you would be looking for in terms of a monthly cost?”
            • Share these conversation starters with unlicensed staff members:

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