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Hungarian chicken paprikash recipe slow cooker

Tender, tasty, slow-cooking chicken with a creamy smoked paprika sauce. My slow cooking chicken paprika recipe can be prepared in 15 minutes! Serve this slow-cooked chicken paprika over rice or noodles for a hearty, filling meal.

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Update 11/21/18: I made this slow cook chicken paprika again for Thanksgiving Christmas Eve dinner, and it’s as good as I remembered sharing it last year! Quick to prepare, filling and tasty. No changes were made to the original recipe, confirmed as delicious. 🙂

I just threw the ingredients for this slow-cooking chicken paprika into my clay pot first thing this morning. Taking out the slow cooker is a Sunday morning ritual, and we use it (or our Instant Pot) almost every weekend.

I sent my friend Leslie a snap of the ingredients in the pot so she could see how simple it is to prepare. ALL of my slow cooker recipes are ridiculously quick and easy to prepare.


need lunch during the week, but I don’t have the patience to spend my Sunday in the kitchen cooking. I’d rather be baking, after all!

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Leslie has a 6-month-old baby (is he half a year old?) and has just returned to work, so she desperately needs easy meals. Her first week back at work, and she didn’t have ANY time to do ANYTHING other than work and take care of her child.

I’m a furry mom, so I don’t know anything about raising a real human, but I’m sure many of you can relate to. She didn’t have a second off to do the dishes or do laundry or anything for the house this week, let alone have time for herself.

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Anyway, my

point is that she was asking me about fast foods, and I was talking to her about some of my recipes. Most of them are slow cooker recipes because that’s my favorite way to “cook.” Aside from this slow cook chicken paprika, I suggested this slow-cook mustard and honey chicken (my favorite!), slow cook coconut curry chicken (so good to go!), and slow cook Thai peanut chicken.


made these Chicken Sauce Fajitas that I threw into the slow cooker with a bottle of sauce, that’s it. Just two ingredients, and it’s super versatile. I even make oatmeal in the slow cooker regularly, and here’s a good PB&J oatmeal recipe.

Oh, oh… I almost forgot: these Crock-Pot cinnamon apples and a Fireball version. Omg, those are like apple pie filling without the crust, we put them in everything! Oatmeal, yogurt… Infinite possibilities.

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One of my favorite chicken dishes is chicken paprika, but what I didn’t have was a slow cooking version, and that’s pretty much a basic need in my life. Whatever I like to eat, it should fit a slow cooker recipe. Otherwise, I don’t have the time or energy to do it, unfortunately!

So I’m sharing my version of Slow-Cooker Chicken Paprikash. It’s not a long list of ingredients, and they’re pretty basic pantry items.

You can leave everything in a slow cooker in about 10 minutes, so the preparation time is short for this slow cooker chicken paprika. It is very abundant and abundant as well.

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The chicken is tender and tasty, and the creamy paprika sauce is smoky and spicy. This is a fairly light version of Slow-Cooker Chicken Paprikash, not loaded with butter, and I used light sour cream. You could even substitute Greek yogurt, we do too.

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If you’re a fan of the traditional dish, it never hurts to have a slow-cooked chicken paprika recipe on hand!

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Update 23/03/19: A reader left a wonderful tip regarding this slow-cooking chicken paprika: “We put 1 ton of hot Hungarian paprika and 1 ton of sweet Hungarian paprika at the beginning, and 2 tons of sweet at the end.” I love the idea of mixing hot and sweet paprika, and I’m going to try it too, but I wanted to share his lovely advice in the blog post so you don’t miss out. This is a fabulous idea!

If you try this Crock-Pot chicken paprika, let me know and let me know if you have any advice or comments. I love hearing your thoughts!

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