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Instant pot electric pressure cooker recipes 2nd edition

Here’s a free electric pressure cooker cookbook filled with easy recipes for your Instant Pot, Crockpot Express, or Ninja Foodi. Great recipe book for everyone with step-by-step instructions. Plus free Instant Pot cookbooks to download as well.

Free Instant

Pot Cookbook

We use it almost every night, so I’m always trying to find simple meals that cook in less than 10 minutes, and I can’t believe how much this has changed the way I cook!

You may have figured out how to make a batch of pressure cooker rice because there’s a trick button for that. BUT there are many other things in store for your family. You can make a ton of meals from a pot like stews, chicken, frozen roast, pork, the list goes on and on.

At first I was also intimidated. It took me at least a month to get it out of the box because I had never touched a pressure cooker before. I just used my crockpot for everything.

  • I still use my slow cooker quite often, but not as often as before. Pressure cookers do everything in a fraction of the time!

I love sharing easy Instant Pot videos on YouTube and on The Typical Mom’s Facebook page. You should follow both, especially if you’re a newbie. One thing about me is that I never use “weird” ingredients that you don’t already have in your closet. I’m a busy, busy dad who works full time, so it’s all about easy recipes here.

Gifts are also my thing. I have always been a very frugal person and was a teacher for many years, so I always appreciated free printables. This is just one I offer here on The Typical Mom blog. You can find many others if you click on the tab at the top of my site.

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I have a FREE Ninja Foodi eBook here and a printable pressure cooker cooker timesheet too!

Looking for a free Instant Pot cookbook?

Here are some quick and easy electric pressure cooker cookbooks you can have for

$0 if you have Kindle Unlimited: 500 Quick and Easy Instant Pot Recipes 2019 Easy and Healthy Pressure Cooker Cooker Recipes for Beginners Here are some Instant Pot cookbooks you can buy beyond that:

1. This is my friend’s cookbook who shares pressure cooker recipes as a whole, not specific to a certain pot

2. This is specific to Instant Pot 3 recipes

. Here is a Power Pressure Cooker XL 4 cookbook

. Here’s a Crock Pot Express cookbook with lots of recipes

, I

think it shows how easy it is to use Instant Pot and helps others overcome the fear I once had and make it part of their daily meal planning


Now that I have so many recipes to share, I created an Instant Pot recipe ebook. You can easily print it out and keep it in your closet.

I included 10 recipes, 2 are exclusive and not shared or published anywhere else! I included easy dinner ideas as well as 2 of our favorite and most popular Instant Pot desserts.

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Free Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook

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