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Wherever bananas grow, there is a delicious banana bread recipe! Jamaican Banana Bread tastes like the Caribbean: super ripe bananas, brown sugar, coconut and rum. (Of course, there is RUM.)

Jamaican banana bread is

darker and richer than most banana bread recipes, and is often glazed with a sweet rum or a lime drizzle and finished with lime zest.

True time of confession: we are not willing to eat too sweet banana bread in our house, But I’ve included icing in the recipe for cultural accuracy and for those more inclined to glucose. (Sticky is good.)


Jamaican Banana Bread, with coconut and RUM. Because you can never have too many recipes for Banana Bread! Addicted to the Depp-Heard case, so this song plays in my head ALL DAY LONG. 😂 Sorry!#teamjohnny #easyrecipe #bananabread #bananabreadrecipes #fyp

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Just add


The dark rum in this recipe is part of the overall moisture, flavor profile, and aroma of Jamaican banana bread. Three tablespoons for the recipe, and the rest is for cocktail hour!

But, let’s just say you’re not rum-friendly. Simply swap the alcohol for apple cider vinegar to get some acidity and flavor. This counteracts the molasses backing of brown sugar, for a balanced taste.

Let’s talk about RIPE bananas

I often watch videos of banana bread recipes that start with firm, starchy mashed bananas. Bananas that are often still yellow or slightly freckled, rather than OVER RIPE bananas which are the best bananas for Jamaican banana bread or any banana bread.

Let’s discuss…

Bananas begin life as green fruit, turning bright yellow as they ripen. But they don’t stop there. As bananas continue to age, starch begins to break down inside the fruit and is converted into simple sugars. This breakdown of starch is evident in the skin, as bananas begin to stain, sin, and turn brown. This process of decomposition and ripening also makes bananas softer and easier to crush.

The IDEAL banana for banana bread is an overripe, mottled, mostly brown banana, beyond the feeding stage.

But this is

where things get interesting: this is when I freeze bananas to make banana bread even better! Bananas

are not your boss

I give away a lot of banana bread. That’s one of the reasons I often bake banana bread in aluminum foil pans. Those I give to are always surprised at how much more banana my banana bread is, and that’s because I FROZE bananas once they’re too ripe, then thaw them as needed.

When frozen, the sugars that were developing inside the mottled banana skin come to the fore. The starch of the fruit disappears almost completely and you are left with a dark, sweet and syrupy banana pulp.

This is the secret of the BIG banana bread.

It also frees you from being at the mercy of fruit ripening. Make your banana bread whenever you feel like it. (Or when frozen bananas start falling out of the freezer every time you open it.)

You are in charge. Not bananas.

Jamaican Banana Bread, Food Gypsy

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What’s one more banana bread recipe among friends, right?


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