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Jeera rice is one of the most famous dishes in India. It’s like a staple dish that is usually cooked almost daily. It goes well with simple everyday dal or more commonly paired with Dal Tadka.

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means cumin, and today I share a very easy method of making Jeera rice. I make two of these Jeera rice in two ways or rather three ways (if I count the rice cooker method as well). Depending on how you are serving it.

Jeera Rice in Pressure Cooker

Usually to cook day by day or every day and when I am in a hurry, I do it in a pressure cooker or the pulab method. In a pressure cooker, I add the ghee, jeera, rice, water and salt. Take 1-2 whistles and you’re done. This is a very quick and easy method and the rice literally cooks in a maximum of 10 minutes. Of course, the pressure cooker has to cool down a bit before it can be excavated.

Open pan method

– Jeera Rice

The next method is the open pan method. One of our favorites. In this method the rice comes out very fluffy and each grain is separated. In a pressure cooker we can also achieve the same, but we must be careful with the moment we open the pressure cooker. This method requires the rice to be precooked in an open pot. It is made to drain and then the tadka with the required spices. This method is also good for using your leftover rice, i.e. Jeera rice with cooked rice.

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Jeera Rice in

rice cooker

Another method is when I sometimes use my rice cooker. This is something that the guy puts on and forgets. In this, I add the rice, water and salt to the rice cooker. Then make a tadka separately and add it to the kitchen. Then put the rice cooker into cooking mode and let the rice cooker do the magic. This is good, when you need to do it in advance, you don’t want to babysit, and you also want to serve hot rice to your guest. I keep everything ready in the rice cooker. Just 30 minutes before serving dinner or lunch, I turn on the rice cooker. So you have the hot steamed rice ready.

Spices used

I keep my Jeera rice very simple. I just used Ghee (clarified butter) and Jeera as a seasoning. As in general, I serve Jeera rice with a good mix of sauce-like vegetables. How I want the flavor of my curry or dal to dominate. However, bay leaves, cinnamon and cardamom can be added if necessary. Sometimes even saffron is added to give a nice color and fragrance to the rice.

Jeera rice dishes This Kongu Thakkali Kuzhambu side dish

goes well with Jeera rice. The classic pair of Jeera Rice Dal Makhani is another or simple dal with Jeera rice. I love making this chaar dal (mixed Dal) with him.

Tips to Make Perfect Fluffy Rice


It is

advisable to use the best long-grain Basmati rice to get the perfectly cooked fluffy texture and non-sticky rice. Good quality rice will expand and fluff better. He said you can even get the same by using short-grain rice, but the best results are with Basmati rice.

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Rice rinse

Rice should be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed before use. Use your hands to clean the rinse and gently or lightly rub the pimples into your hand while rinsing the rice. This helps remove extra starch and rice is less starchy.

It is always

best to soak rice for at least 30 minutes when making Jeera rice or rice for Biryani or even rice for day to day. Soaking the rice helps it to swell and after cooking it comes out pleasant and fluffy. Remember that once the rice is soaked, do not rub it with your hands. The grains after swelling are delicate and will break the rice.

Ratio of rice

to water

This depends on the quality of the rice used and also on whether you are soaking the rice or not. If the rice is soaked and the pressure cooker method is used, it is usually a rice-to-water ratio of 1:1.5. If it is not soaked it is 1:2. For the rice cooker, I always use a ratio of 1: 2. When I use the open pan method, I don’t follow any specific measures, as I drain the rice into a colander. So in general I drink about 3-4 times of water.

The above proportions are a rough guide. Some rice paddies drink more water and others less. You will understand once you start cooking it or after 1-2 attempts.


making rice with an open pan method, it is best to cook the rice as 90-95 percent and for Biryani about 80 percent. This will help the rice be firm and get the perfect Jeera rice restaurant style. The remaining cooking will be done during the tadka or while cooking the biryani.

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Handling rice once cooked Once

the rice is cooked

it is always soft. When using a spoon, be as light as possible. If you apply pressure to remove it, the rice will break it. The general advice is to use a fork. However, for me handling rice with a spoon is easier to :D.

So here’s Jeera Rice’s recipe

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