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Cooking with the XL pressure cooker

A nice feature of this is that you can seal inside the pan. This is something I like to do when I cook large pieces of meat (like the pork loin I intend to use for shredded pork). The kitchen lets me seal once it reaches temperature. Then, I can cook it under pressure until it’s wet and crumbles.

When you’re ready to cook, a clear display panel guides you through the cooking process. Choose a cooking mode and the screen will have a countdown time. You can increase or decrease as needed before pressing start. Once the timer reaches zero, the kitchen depressurizes and goes into keep warm mode. You will also see an error message on the display panel if your kitchen is not working properly for some reason.

The included cookbook is also a nice bonus. It has delicious recipes like beef rouade, Thai peanut noodles, meat stroganoff, steel-cut oats, loaded mashed potatoes, walnut and apple stuffed pork loin, and more! There are also recipes available online so you can really see how your pressure cooker can be used.

I also like that this has a canning setup, which takes the guesswork out of canning. I’ve used the hot water bath method on the stove before, but this works with low-acid recipes that can’t be canned on the stove. A rack is also included so you can place more jars when using the kitchen for canning.

One thing to mention is that the manual states that it can take up to 17 minutes for the Power Pressure Cooker XL to reach temperature. In some cases, it took 20-25 minutes for my kitchen to reach the correct pressure and begin the cooking process.

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Cleaning and maintenance

You’ll want to clean the pressure cooker soon after use. The nonstick inner pot prevents burnt and glued pieces that are difficult to clean. The inner pot is also dishwasher safe.

However, it is made of a Teflon material that some users do not want to use due to the possibility of health risks. Teflon also peels off and scratches if used with metal utensils or overheated. As Teflon material is not safe to ingest, it is important to carefully follow the care instructions.

The steel outer shell can be cleaned after use, and you need to wash the lid by hand. You can also store the cable after use because it is completely removable.

Like many other pressure cookers, you’ll need to replace gaskets as they wear out with use. Maintaining an airtight seal is critical to maintaining pressure and preventing the pot from malfunctioning.

You can buy replacement rings on the Power Pressure Cooker XL website, but they are a bit expensive. Since you can’t know when the ring will malfunction, you may want to buy one to keep on hand until you need it.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the warranty for this project is not as long as that offered by some other manufacturers. The Power XL pressure cooker has a 1-year warranty.

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