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Legend has it that the satisfying and creamy buttery chicken was invented in 1947 by the cooks of the famous Moti Mahal restaurant in Delhi. Apparently, they accidentally mixed some chicken they had around with a tomato sauce, butter and cream, and thus, one of the most beautiful Indian-inspired dishes was born.

Whether this is true or not, it’s hard to argue that buttered chicken is close to being the perfect chicken dish. The best part? It is very easy to do keto style.

So what to expect from the buttered chicken we’re making today? Well, for starters, tender and juicy chicken meat, this is the key to the success of the dish.

Then there’s the sauce. Without it, this would be, well, just chicken. So, we’re putting some effort into cooking the tastiest sauce we can for our buttered chicken.

Let’s see what this recipe is all about. I promise this will be a chicken dish to remember!


How to cook the perfect

buttered chicken?

The secret to a restaurant-quality buttered chicken is patience, really! If you want the most tender and tasty chicken, you need to cook it slowly for a few hours before you can taste it.

When cooked slowly, cooking and

marinating occur simultaneously, the slow cooker serves two purposes, one, to cook and tenderize the meat, and two, to infuse meat flavor.

So, here’s my secret: I’m going to butter the garlic, ginger and onion in a pan, a standard procedure, I might say, but a necessary step to encapsulate all those juices in the variety of spices: red chili powder, curry powder, salt, pepper and the legendary spice blend, Garam Masala.

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Did you know? Garam masala is a combination of fennel, bay leaf, peppers, cloves, cinnamon, mace, cardamom pods, cumin, coriander seeds and most often red chili powder. The spice mix has it all! That’s why just a pinch of garam masala can change a dish completely.

Then you add the crushed tomatoes and whole coconut milk, before closing the slow cooker for 4 hours and let me tell you, in the second, you remove the lid, you will perceive the most beautiful aromas of buttered chicken, the very essence of the famous dish revealing itself to you; it is a special moment. And I never get tired of it.


When to serve buttered chicken?

I’ll be honest. I don’t cook this recipe for everyone. This is one of my favorite dishes, not only from my Indian repertoire but from the world. This is a special dish for me, and I hope it will be memorable for you too.

This obviously means that it is reserved for the most notable occasions. When my parents come home from dinner, or when I absolutely want to impress someone special.


also do this for myself when I had a nice day and feel like celebrating! And it’s delicious with a glass of Chardonnay, so try the pairing if you’re willing to bend your dietary guidelines a bit. I won’t say it.

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