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Super easy and super tasty slow cooker lamb chops cooked slowly on the Crockpot

with mushrooms and served with roast potatoes and garden peas. These lamb chops are the most tender lamb chops I’ve ever eaten and perfect to throw in the slow cooker and

let your Crockpot do the hard

work! slow cooker lamb chop recipe

lamb chops recipe Lamb chops at


During my last trip to the butcher shops, I managed to pick up many more

lamb chops than I really needed. I thought I would make some batches of lamb chops

for air fryer and then decide something else to cook with the

lamb chops I had left. The lamb chops I

had left became the slow cooker lamb chop recipe I’m sharing with you today


My Crockpot is about to come out and is desperate for a replacement and I think these lamb chops will be his last recipe before he treats me with a replacement.

So, excuse the old striped Crockpot and even on an old machine like mine, these lamb chops are delicious.

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Can lamb chops be cooked slowly?

Yes, you can cook lamb chops in the slow cooker. The slow-cooked lamb chops are absolutely delicious and very easy to prepare and pour into your slow cooker.


you’ve tried the slow-cooked lamb chops, you’ll want to cook them whenever you get some lamb chops from your local butchers

. Can frozen lamb chops be cooked in slow cooker? I wouldn’t recommend cooking

frozen lamb chops in the slow cooker

. I’m a big fan of lots of frozen cooked food, but lamb chops in the slow cooker aren’t one of them.

The problem you have is that lamb chops don’t cook early enough because they’re thawing first, and why shouldn’t you cook frozen chicken in the slow cooker, it’s very easy for you to get sick.

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are many varieties of lamb chops that you can cook in your slow cooker

. You may have a favorite cut of lamb that you prefer over another. Just keep in mind that the cheaper the cut of lamb, the fattier the lamb is when cooked. And you don’t want your slow cooker to swim in lamb fats.

Here are some favorite lamb chop cuts

you can try in the slow cooker:

Lamb shoulder leaf chops Lamb chops Lamb chops Chump Lamb leg chops Lamb neck chops Lamb loin chops The best tasty lamb chops for cooking are lamb

neck chops , while in Australia the most consumed are lamb chops from the front quarter and the leanest are

  • lamb
  • loin


<img src="×1024.jpg" alt="Cooking

lamb chops in slow cooker” />

Today we will cook lamb loin chops

in the slow cooker. Slow cooker lamb chops on top I also recommend for the best-tasting lamb chops than cooking in the

slow cooker high


It only takes 3 hours for the lamb chops to cook over high heat and it is also not a long process to prepare them.

I usually put my slow cooker in after

lunch and then it’s ready for dinnertime

. Slow cooker lamb chops with sauce You can also make slow

cooker lamb chops

and sauce. What I would do if I wanted to eat salsa too, is to make a sauce with the cooked mushrooms.

Take a handful of mushrooms, add some of the juices from the lamb chops (2 tablespoons) and then add them to a blender with a potato and some cream. This will make an amazing lamb and mushroom sauce that is ideal to serve with your lamb chops.

Check out our instant pot lamb chops as we’ve done something similar in that recipe.

Lamb chops and slow cook


I can’t have lamb chops in the slow cooker without potatoes. It’s so bad without them. I also have to have them with some garden peas for that old-fashioned weekday dinner.

What I did to make slow-cooked lamb chops and potatoes was to use the air fryer to fry roasted potatoes with rosemary.

<img src="×1024.jpg" alt="Slow-cooking lamb chops and potatoes"

/>Then at the same time,

use the air fryer to heat the frozen peas

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It’s just a fantastic pairing and you can do it when the slow cooker has 30 minutes left to get everything ready at the same time.

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Lamb Chops

Slow cooker ingredients

Lamb chops Slow cooker ingredientsLamb – Slow cooker

lamb chops start by choosing the right cut of lamb chops for you. We are using lamb loin chops in this recipe.

Potatoes – This is of course optional, but I love the slow cook lamb chops and potatoes. Then you can serve them with the lamb chops for an all-in-one dinner.

Mushrooms – Then, of course, I find any holes I can in the slow cooker to decorate the lamb chops on mushrooms. Lamb chops and mushrooms go together perfectly.

Marinada – Then, for the ingredients to make your lamb chop marinade, I recommend extra virgin olive oil, honey, frozen garlic, rosemary, thyme, salt, pepper, and red wine.

Then, for the kitchen gadgets we’ve used in this slow-cooked lamb chops recipe, it’s just been our Crockpot slow cooker. We have this one and it is wonderful for many types of weekday dinners and we have used it many times for similar recipes.

Also, we recommend you head to our slow cooker recipe category as we have over 100 tried and tested slow cooker recipes and have been using slow cookers for 18 years.

How to make lamb chops in a slow cooker?

slow cooker lamb chops step by step
  • Marinate. Add the ingredients of your marinade to a bowl, along with the lamb chops and place them in the fridge for 2 hours.
  • Sauté. Dice and peel the onion and sauté with extra virgin olive oil in the slow cooker.
  • Landfill. Add to the slow cooker your lamb chops, marinade leftovers and garnish with mushrooms in the hollows.
  • Cook. Cook slowly over high heat for 3 hours or over low heat for 5 hours.
  • Add. If serving with potatoes, cook your potatoes 30 minutes before the slow cooker sounds and serve together.

And I’m sure you can see why this recipe for lamb chops and slow cook potatoes is one of my favorites.

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How long does lamb chops take in a slow cooker?

These lamb chops in Crockpot take ONLY 3 hours to high. This makes lamb chops incredibly tender right now and so tasty.

You can also cook your lamb chops over low heat if you prefer, and they will take 5 hours to go down.

Lamb chops Slow cooker Tips and tricks

  • I recommend marinating your lamb chops first for a couple of hours in the fridge. It makes a big difference in the taste of your lamb.
  • Haven’t you cooked lamb in the slow cooker before? Then check out our slow cooker roast lamb recipe first.
  • If you want a sauce to go with your lamb chops, make one with leftover lamb juices, cream, and mushrooms. It’s so delicious.
  • You can swap lamb chops for pork chops and get similar results.
  • I always cook some roast potatoes with a fryer in the air at the same time as the lamb in the slow cooker. Lamb chops and roasts are perfect together.

Slow cooker trick

– Always buy a slow cooker like this Crockpot we own. You can go on the stove to brown the meat and go to the oven.

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  • check out the rest of our slow cooker recipes first in the latest recipe order. <img src="" alt="slow

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chops is below, note that you can print it with or without photos, adjust portions, or click between metric and imperial depending on where you are in the world.

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