Instant Pot Lamb Shanks – with tender meat that falls off the bone

Lamb shank recipe pressure cooker

Video Lamb shank recipe pressure cooker

Instant Port Lamb

This simple recipe shows you how to make Instant Pot lamb pieces to serve with a tasty sauce

. Traditionally, lamb pieces

are cooked slowly in the oven, but this recipe shows how to pressure cook lamb pieces in the instant pot


This significantly reduces cooking time, and gives the same result, with delicious meat falling off the bone.

What are lamb canes?

A stem is the part of the animal’s shin around the tibia. So it’s the part of the meat just above the foot of the lamb, which is a fairly cheap cut of meat and pretty its own. That’s why it should be pressure cooked or cooked slowly to soften it. One stem gives enough meat for one person.

In this recipe,

I only make one lamb stem, but you can use the same recipe if you want to cook more offspring


The cooking time remains the same, but you will only have to expand the recipe on the marinade, vegetables and broth to suit it. It may also take a little longer to brown the meat and put under pressure.

My Instant Pot

is fairly new to our kitchen appliances, but now we’ve figured out its usefulness. It’s a remarkable piece of engineering design, and if you’re thinking, ‘Is it worth getting an Instant Pot?’, believe me, it is.

So if you don’t already have one, maybe it’s time to treat yourself. They are not that expensive and make a great birthday gift for someone who needs to make their life easier.

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I have the Duo version shown below, and the 7-in-1 features allow you to do almost everything with it: sautéing, steaming, simmering, heating, pressure cooking, etc. But the biggest advantage is that it reduces cooking time on slow-cooked meals. In this recipe alone, reduce cooking time by at least half.

And not only that, you can put it to cook while you are away at work and come home with a perfect stew or whatever you have planned. There are a few other Instant Pot recipe links at the end of this recipe.

instant pot lamb cane

Of course, you can also cook this recipe in a traditional pressure cooker, slow cooker, or other slow cooker

, but it will be a bit more complicated (traditional pressure cooker) or take longer (slow pressure cooker). The results must be the same.

What to serve with lamb pieces

Well, we like them served with creamy mashed potatoes (made with lots of butter) and some carrots with the sauce sauce as shown in the photos here


But you can also add some petit pois (peas) if you want. The meat should be so tender that it falls out of the bone and the taste is really exquisite.

The pieces of lamb cost around 3 – 4 euros each where we live, so with this recipe you can have a restaurant style meal for less than 5 euros, which is absolutely delicious and a little special


I hope you enjoy making this dish. If you do, let me know how you’re doing in the comments section below.

How to make lamb pieces in the Instant Pot

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