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Fada Lapsi is one of Gujarati’s best-known desserts. We do it on many occasions, from festival to Puja (sacred or sacred rituals). This Lapsi is very delicious and very nutritious. We need very few ingredients to make this dessert aromatic and rich in flavor. It is easy to make, but making in a pressure cooker is very easy.

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: What is Fada

: Fada is broken wheat and another well-known name is Dalia. It is highly nutritious and does not undergo refinement. It is also healthier than rice or other grains. It is rich in iron, fiber and other minerals.

Fada Lapsi is very popular in Gujarat. It is done on special occasions and auspicious days. I have learned this recipe from my mother and making it in a pressure cooker is my recipe.

My family loves this Lapsi and that’s why I don’t wait for any occasion. It’s definitely a healthier dessert and it’s super filling. Since broken wheat has a nutty flavor and chewy texture, this is what this Lapsi will look like. Toasting Dalia in Ghee will provide a rich aroma and the addition of cardamom will enhance the taste.

Supplements: I like to use only almonds in this recipe. But we can also add other nuts such as cashews. Also some prefer to add raisins. Therefore, you can add according to your choice. I also sometimes add saffron which gives a nice bright color and flavor to this Lapsi.

Ingredients: We need very few ingredients for this recipe. I have used 3 tablespoons of Ghee, which is perfect for my family. But if you prefer more Ghee, feel free to add 2-3 tablespoons more Ghee than mentioned in the recipe. Also, instead of adding more Ghee at first, add 1-2 tablespoons of Ghee at the end with sugar and cardamom.

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I have used cane sugar in this recipe and it is 1/2 cup and makes this Lapsi moderately sweet. So again, if you prefer your dessert on the sweeter side, add more sugar, maybe 2 to 3 tablespoons more. It is also very important to add sugar at the end, after pressure cooking.

Roast: Roasting Dalia in Ghee to make this Lapsi is very important. Toasting in Ghee will make the broken wheat light and release a pleasant aroma. It will also help in the kitchen. Roast over medium-low heat. The high heat will make Dalia too dizzy and give her a burning taste. Aso for 8-10 minutes over low heat and stir continuously, so that it does not change color much even after sufficient toasting. So you will see in the image that the Fada Lapsi I make is still light in color and not too dark.

Why soak before

pressure cooking:

I found that roasting Fada and then pressure cooking right away, doesn’t make every grain completely inflated. So I like to soak for a while after roasting and before pressure cooking. It also helps in time management. If I’m planning to make Lapsi for dinner, I just roast it and soak it before I leave for work. And pressure cook before dinner and have hot and delicious Lapsi ready at dinner time.

Even soaking it for only an hour if possible, otherwise cooking it immediately is also fine. That’s how my mom does it, but soaking is my version of this Lapsi. So believe me soaking or not soaking, you will still have delicious and fast Lapsi on your plate.

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I hope you like this easy, quick and delicious Fada Lapsi recipe. I’ve included a step-by-step recipe with pictures below, be sure to check it out before jumping into the recipe.

How to make Fada Lapsi

in pressure cooker: Take Ghee in pressure cooker.

Light the fire and melt the

Ghee. Once the Ghee

is melted

, add the broken wheat (Dalia).

Mix well and roast the wheat broken in Ghee over medium low heat

, stirring continuously.

Roast for 8-10 minutes (stirring continuously) or until the broken wheat is light and begins to change color and the ghee begins to separate.

Now add the

almond slices and mix, continue stirring and cooking for one more minute


Then turn off the heat and add 3 cups of water


Mix well and cover the pressure cooker with the lid


I like to rest for at least 2 hours or up to 6 hours before pressure cooking. In this way, Fada Lapsi becomes very fluffy and each grain is large as it soaks water. But this step is optional, you can skip it and move on to the next one.

Cook the Lapsi in pressure cooker over medium heat for 3-4 whistles. Let the stove cool until the steam is released. Dalia will soak all the water.

Heat the pot again over low heat and add sugar and cardamom powder.

Mix well until the sugar dissolves completely, just for a minute. Turn off the fire.

Take Fada Lapsi in a serving bowl, decorate as you wish, and serve hot.

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