Easy Roasted Vegetable Lasagna with No Boil Noodles

Meatless lasagna recipe no cook noodles

Video Meatless lasagna recipe no cook noodles

lasagna slice

This delicious vegetable lasagna is easy to make, full of flavor and shows an overabundance of roasted vegetables. It is also meat-free, light and fresh and highly customizable.

whole lasagna

By customizable I mean that there are no specific vegetables you need to use, in fact I checked my refrigerator and washed all the vegetables I saw. Of course, if you like certain combinations of vegetables like spinach and mushrooms or whatever, it will work!

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vegetable lasagna

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Don’t stress about certain combinations, use what you like or have available

like I did.

roasted vegetables

This is what I had in my fridge, I like to grill vegetables every week anyway and I usually buy a lot. I will eat some for lunch, use them as side dishes for dinner and in the morning with eggs, but this time I decided to also make a vegetarian lasagna with some of them.


had three Japanese eggplants, some carrots, two red peppers, a small head of cauliflower, a yellow pumpkin, a bunch of kale, a small pumpkin, and some Brussels sprouts (which I didn’t use in lasagna). All vegetables were roasted in separate pans at 425 degrees drizzled with olive oil, salt and pepper, roasted until lightly browned.

All roasting vegetables can be done one or two days ahead of time.

<img src="" alt="unboiled pasta leaves"

/>I have to admit that

I was not a fan of unboiled noodles, the ones I’ve tried in the past didn’t impress me at all. But the Delverde brand really caught my eye, I liked the ridges and knew their pasta was good, so I thought I’d try them. This time I have to say that at least with this brand, I am a fan, and this is not sponsored!

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The pasta sheets were not thin as paper, still had a nice texture and bite, and had no heavy taste at all.

One thing I never liked about unboiled pasta was trying to spread sauce and ricotta on a dry, stiff noodle, it’s strange to me because I always used the curly lasagna leaves that had to be boiled first.

But I found that if you dip them one by one in a quick dip of warm water, they become a little flexible, easier to spread sauce and cheese, and easier to press on after the layers form, so that’s what I did.

lasagna ingredients

All the vegetables you see in the container above I used (except the brussels) but cut them to make them easier to eat and smaller pieces in the


making lasagna

Between the layers I added thinly sliced raw zucchini. Zucchini cooks so quickly that there was no need to roast it ahead of time, as long as it was finely chopped.

making lasagna

I like to use a mixture of grated and fresh mozzarella cheese along with the ricotta and grated pecorino.

<img src="" alt="lasagna"


Complete with a few pine nuts and bake it all together!


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The simple homemade meal adapted to the vegetables you have on hand is transformed into a very special meal


lasagna sliceA

worthy gift for you, your family and your guests!

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