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Mexican rice in rice cooker recipes

Video Mexican rice in rice cooker recipes

Rice cooker Mexican riceNeed

a big plate for dinner but don’t want all the hassle? This Mexican rice recipe with rice cooker would go great with your favorite Mexican main course and is very easy to make. I love using my new rice cooker and this was very helpful to a crowd.

Throw all the ingredients in your rice cooker and forget about it until serving time. This recipe will make you run out to buy a rice cooker if you don’t already have one. We also have a new recipe, try our rice with enchilada with cheese that can also be cooked in your instant pot.

Mexican rice cooker with the nolands

The one I graciously received was from Hamilton Beach and is taken out regularly. We all love the variety of rice we’ve tried, but that’s not all I’ve done!

I have also made oats cut with steel and apple cinnamon and loved it! I really can’t wait to do that again soon!


to make Mexican rice

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“Hamilton Beach rice cooker” /> It’s easy to make rice

Mexican when using this beautiful stainless steel easy rice cooker from Hamilton Beach. You will love cooking rice if you have this machine, so simple and so efficient.

Simply add all your ingredients directly to the rice cooker, stir, curdle and leave it. The machine does the rest! It even comes with its own measuring cup. Tomato paste instead of tomato sauce makes rice have such a lovely color.

Chicken broth, butter, onion, green chilies, black pepper, red pepper flakes, and salt give rice plenty of flavors, but not too much to dominate your main course. Adding these ingredients also increases the texture of the dish.

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Cilantro is used for garnish and is optional if you don’t like it. When it’s done, move into a warm environment until you’re ready to use it. I will never cook rice in a stove pot again! This gives perfectly cooked rice every time!!

Rice variety

Food bottom with three rows of rice varieties: brown rice, mixed wild rice, white rice (jasmine).

Rice is pure comfort food and can be added to as many cuisines as an easy side dish, whether long grain, short, medium, wild rice, brown rice, or one of the many other varieties

of rice

who is loved by much.

Cooking times will vary for the different types of rice you use, but Hamilton Beach has you covered, too. You don’t need to find the exact time to bring to a boil and then reduce the heat, the rice cooker does all that for you, such convenience for any night of the week.

We almost ruined a pot with our daughter wanting to cook rice on the stove. They have to live and learn, but now she will strictly use the rice cooker. Medium-high heat can turn your rice into a burnt mess very quickly.

Mexican rice cooker with the nolands

Whether you’re enjoying burritos, enchiladas, tacos, carnitas, or any Mexican main dish, this side will go perfectly! Plan a special Mexican or even Spanish night and serve this rice!

I often serve tacos or soft or hard shell burritos for a quick and easy weekday meal. This Mexican rice is a quick and easy side to any Mexican, Texmex or even Southern-flavored recipe you can create.

When everyone is running out of activities in the evenings, it’s great to be able to make sure the family has a nutritious meal before heading out.

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Mexican rice cooker recipe Recipe adapted from

rice cooker of Mexican rice


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