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For those who already have a Mirro

pressure packer, or who got a second-hand one, we provide the Mirro manuals below as a courtesy because people have difficulty finding the manual online.

Please note that these manuals apply only to older, legacy model Mirro canners.

If you have a newer one, for example, purchased in 2016 or 2017 onwards, completely ignore older manuals. See the section below called “Operational Changes”.

Here is an overview of Mirro pressure canning equipment.

Two old manuals

of pressure packers Mirro 2004 Manual of pressure packers

Mirro Dated 2004 (handwritten in the manual). Undated

Myrrh pressure preserver manual This is undated, without being assigned any part or version number.

Our guess

from the feel of the design and design is that the undated is the slightly more recent; But that’s an assumption. Consequently, we are taking the unusual step of providing links to both (normally our practice is to provide the latest manual to avoid confusion).

Note on these old official manuals of pressure canning machines

Myrrus Our provision of links to the manuals is not an endorsement of any of the manuals. They are outdated.

As for the canning operation, it no longer reflects the current models sold by Mirro. For older Mirro canners, you can refer to the manual for operating instructions.

But, don’t

use your prescriptions or pressure food canning instructions, because some seem out of sync with the USDA’s and there’s no indication who tried those prescriptions to determine their safety. And keep in mind too: Myrrh has actually even physically left your home in Wisconsin, your old site has literally been razed to the ground, so there’s probably no one left backing up those canning suggestions. For real canning recipes, follow the full USDA guide.

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Changes of operation in the new canneries


manuals (see above) say that the weights of pressure canners Myrrus will sway gently or shake continuously during processing, just like the weights of Presto canneries


However, this does not apply to how new models of Mirro pressure packers work. The weight now releases steam in a hiss every 15 to 20 seconds, rather than rocking or shaking continuously.

It was the Central Sierra Food Conservator Master (based at the University of California Cooperative Extension) who discovered this in 2017 and brought it to the public’s attention.

There are also other operational differences.

When operating a newer Mirro pressure packer, please refer to the Mirro pressure packer instructions given by Central Sierra.

Consequently, since the instructions for use in the old manuals

no longer apply, and the processing times and recipes are unreliable, the old manuals are of no use to you if you have a newer model of Myrrh.


cooker manuals

Mirro We are often also asked for older pressure cooker manuals (as opposed to the pressure canner). We know of some older ones on the hip pressure cooking site: Myrrh pressure cooker manuals

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