17 Best Morel Mushroom Recipes – Insanely Good

Morel cooking recipes

These amazing morel mushroom recipes will make anyone a mushroom lover. They are super fleshy, wonderfully filling and totally satisfying.

Trust me; These fluffy little cones are about to become your next obsession


Homemade sautéed morel mushrooms

So what’s so special about morels?

Well, they’re notoriously difficult to grow. That means most of the morels you’ve seen and eaten were probably picked by hand.

Great, right?

In addition, their fleshy texture makes them a fantastic vegan or vegetarian option.

Of course, these morel mushroom recipes are also ideal for meat eaters. Put them on pork chops, and you’ll be in mushroom heaven.

1. Fried Morel Mushrooms

One bite of these fried morels, and you’ll order more


The secret of these delicious bites is the coating of the mushroom. A good fried dough gives you a good crunch while you steam the mulberry inside.

Your next game-day snack table needs these amazing mushrooms front and center


2. Sautéed Morel Mushrooms

Well, now this mulberry recipe is the best accompaniment. And good news; It’s so simple to do.

Using just three ingredients, these tasty morels are ready in less than 30 minutes.

Sautéed in butter and sea salt, these simple mushrooms are the perfect side of anything.

Serve with lasagna, chicken or even scrambled eggs!

3. Fried morels and lemon cream

As much as I love squid, something about these fried mushrooms hits the nail on the head


This recipe features fresh mushrooms dredged into seasoned flour, which are then fried

to perfection.

And unlike squid that can become rubbery, morels maintain their fleshy bite


Serve this hot and fresh with a spicy lemon cream sauce. Yum!

4. Morel mushroom paste in

parmesan cream sauce Lovers of

creamy pasta, this is an extra special recipe just for you


The best part about this creamy dream is that you can add as many morels as you want

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And when they’re topped with a rich garlic parmesan sauce, you’ll want as many as you can!

Serve with a pinch of fresh herbs and a touch of citrus


5. Spring Garganelli with morels and peas

You could eat pasta every day, especially when covered with earthy mushrooms


One thing I don’t love about mushrooms, however, is the color. That’s why I love this brilliant spring dish.

Green peas give this morel mushroom dinner a lively look. Meanwhile, the creamy sauce is made even more delicious with tarragon and Marsala wine.

As if that wasn’t indulgent enough, this is best served with juicy lamb chops!

6. Asparagus and mulberry pizza with garlic confit

This is the kind of pizza you can’t have a slice of. Although come to think of it, that applies to all pizzas!

Still, this baby is so garlic and cheesy that you will fight for the last piece.

This fancy pants pizza uses garlic confit to pack a powerful punch.

Full of asparagus and mel mushrooms, this dish makes the most of spring products.

Use a pizza stone if you have one, and be prepared to drool.

7. Morel mushrooms stuffed with crab

In my opinion, the best part of dinner is the appetizers. And these crab-stuffed morels are in my alley.

Filling in the funky cone-shaped shape of morels can be tricky


So, here’s the secret: use scissors to open the side of each fungus. Then, fill them with the filler and fold them to look like whole mushrooms.

Once baked, these stuffed morels are bound to be a hit with the family. So, take some while you can!

8. Spaghetti with morels and brown miso butter sauce

This fainting-worthy pasta dish looks like it just came out of a high-end restaurant


The umami-flavored sauce pairs perfectly with the earthy and nutty morels. And it’s so filling that you don’t need any added protein on your plate.

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Prepare the brown butter sauce with white miso paste for a subtle sweet taste. And try using whole wheat spaghetti for a super satisfying meal.

9. Morel Game burgers with charred spring butter

Dressed to impress, these mulberry and game burgers are packed with rich, meaty flavors


Smoky and wild, this recipe largely features the woody taste of mushrooms and the unique flavor of the game


There is also some garlic in the mixture, which makes it even tastier. This will surely keep you full all day.

And let me tell you, these burgers will be a hit at your next BBQ


10. Creamy dried mulberry soup (Bisque)

Move, cream of mushroom soup: there is a new child on the block. This mulberry soup is so rich and creamy with an incredible depth of flavor.

Dried morel mushrooms are hydrated with chicken broth, which gives them an even meatier taste.

Want to know my favorite part of this recipe? A splash of sherry or brandy gives this soup the most delicious aroma.

11. Morel Mushroom Quiche with Caramelized Red Onion Mushrooms

and eggs are always a combination made in heaven. And when combined with caramelized onions, it’s like falling into a tasty dream.

That said, this mushroom quiche is a delicious spring lunch or dinner


If you don’t feel like kneading the dough, the store-bought cake crust works just as well


12. Pasta

ramp with

homemade pasta Morel Ragu Green topped with a tasty morel ragout? Sign me up!

Interestingly, this recipe uses bleached ramp leaves instead of spinach to make the green pasta strettine


The combined flavors of ramps, morels and sweet butter scream spring. Serve this for dinner, and your family might lick your clean plates.

13. Mushroom

tortellini Mushroom tortellini are

some of my favorite types of pasta of all time. I like to think of them as little flavor packs!

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Filled with chopped morel mushrooms, this recipe uses homemade pasta dough


The tortellini are boiled and topped with more mushrooms, peas and green onions.

With morels in the pasta and sauce, There is no escape from that earthy taste.

14. Leek and mulberry strata

Need an easy lunch? This leek and mulberry starter is the perfect dish to prepare and take away at lunchtime.

Strata is a salted bread pudding that uses many eggs. It’s super filling and super tasty.

You will need dried morels and shiitakes to add umami oomph. And leeks are essential for their slight garlic and onion flavor.

This layer of mulberry is so good that it is guaranteed to become your new


15. Morel and Quinoa Mushroom Salad Quinoa

is an excellent and filling ingredient that absorbs flavor like a sponge. And this dish is full of earthy flavor.

Once the dried morels are rehydrated, the quinoa is cooked in the leftover liquid. This results in an amazing and rich taste.

It is earthly. It’s crazy. It’s like tasting forests on a plate, in a good way, of course!

16. Asparagus and mulberry salad with

black truffle vinaigrette

If there’s one salad that steals the show, it’s this one


An elegant black truffle vinaigrette is soaked in hard-boiled eggs and earthy morels. Wow!

Serve this to your dinner guest, and they will forget everything about the main course.

That said, this salad is also an excellent lunch to take to work. It is perfect for a mid-week gift.

17. Pork chops in

Morel mushroom

sauce Full of flavor, these pork chops in mushroom sauce

are a comforting dish that you can serve all year


I love the combination of juicy pork and mushrooms, especially when pan-fried to create a light crust


Serve the sauce aside and watch everything disappear.

Morel mushroom recipes

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