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Ninja cooking system recipe book

Get a free Ninja Foodi cookbook right here! That’s right, we have recipes for chicken, beef, pork and vegetables for your air fryer pressure cooker for you to try.

Free Ninja Foodi Cookbook

If you saw my countertop at dinner time, you’d probably laugh. Many times I have my Instant Pot, Foodi and IP mini working on something at the same time. Yes, I make a lot of meals from a pot, but I also like to separate items.

  • The most common thing I make alone is Ninja Foodi
  • rice.

  • I’ve combined it for pork chops and rice before and it’s great
  • .

  • My husband prefers everything cooked individually, so I usually have a countertop full of appliances. I almost never use my oven anymore unless I’m making a frozen pizza or cake of some kind.

During the holidays I thank God that I have several units because my oven is always full.

Being able to cook green beans in one and baked potatoes in another really makes it easier in me the (cook).

food recipes


Ninja Foodi cookbook

I tried to make this free complete cookbook from Foodi for beginners as easy to use as possible


Including side dishes and main dinners that kids and adults will love, it’s a great start to your trip. I’m adding to my website every day, so sign up for our free newsletter below as well and get ready to get more delicious ideas each week.

ninja foodi chicken recipeYes

, you

can also buy an official Ninja cookbook beyond this, but who wants to spend money when you don’t need to??!!

  • After trying the 28 I included in the printable version below, be sure to BOOKMARK THIS PAGE.
  • I add new Foodi recipes weekly so you never run out of ideas.
    • There you will find easy recipes for air fryers In addition
    • to dishes only for pressure cookers Ninja Foodi
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ninja foodi

I hope this has given you a resource to help you along the way. If you’re new to all of this, I know it can be pretty overwhelming.

What I can say to calm your mind is to take it easy


  • Start with something simple like our whole chicken air fryer. I promise it will turn out amazing every time and is much better than store-bought steakhouse.
ninja foodi whole chicken

Remember that with anything you must add the seasonings you really love. That’s a no-brainer.

  • However, stick to the timing and amounts of liquid listed in a recipe, especially at first until you master those ratios.

Once you make some following recipes like the ones I have here on my site, you’ll be able to deviate a bit and add your own twists to it. Then you will be a professional and have no apprehensions when using any of the functions of the machine.

Have you made a pressure cooker recipe or something using crunchy air that you really loved?

Maybe you’ve already created something that’s not yet online. Let us know! I love trying new ideas from all of you.

Ninja foodi cookbook for beginners

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