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Easy Ninja Foodi pork recipes with pressure cooker or crispy air fryer functions! The best way to make tender pork chops, pork steak, roast, shoulder and everything in between.

ninja foodi pork recipes

Looking for some Ninja Foodi pork recipes to make this week? We love all things pig too. From large cuts to bite-sized chunks, they all come out delicious, whether you cook them crispy or under pressure. Let us share just a few of our favorite Ninja Foodi recipes with this protein with you today. (affiliate links present)

Ninja Foodi pork chop


Ah, but there are so many other cuts in a pork that you’ll love beyond Ninja Foodi pork chops using crispy air or high-pressure cooker pork chops. However, those are pretty amazing, especially if you wrap those babies in bacon! Full of flavor with just salt and pepper or our crunchy killer dry massage outside is a game changer.

Forgetful some days? Me too. I’ve even shared how to cook frozen pork chops to air fry to perfection with my friends. It’s okay to have one of those days. If you’re like us and buy meat in bulk, you have plenty of options to pass through. I will beat them all to cook under pressure and fresh air.

Ninja Foodi Pork

But there are so many other cuts beyond just bone-in or boneless chops, right? If that’s what you’ve always been left with because others have been confusing, we can help. Here are the rest of the air fryer pork options you can make, then we’ll move on to the pressure cooking options:

  • You can make Ninja Foodi pork loin. We used a dry massage on the outside of that and it’s amazing.
  • The pork belly in the air fryer is fantastic, along with the Ninja Foodi bacon, of course.
  • For a larger cut, you may also want to try a pork roast one night.
  • Ninja Foodi’s breaded pork chops are amazing, if you don’t want to wrap them with bacon like the one above.
  • And air fryer ham is ideal for holidays.
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Now let’s talk about breakfast at Ninja. We have a few protein options like Italian sausage in air fryer, sausage links in air fryer and Ninja Foodi sausage patties.

The smoked ones wrapped in bacon and the sliced Ninja Foodi sausage with toothpicks on the side are great appetizers when people come too.

roast pork recipe

Pressure cooker pork recipes

When you use the other feature, you can make a TON of things, including Ninja Foodi casseroles that cook pasta or rice with vegetables and meat. That means they can eat together more often and serve their food from a pot to everyone. They will love it. Here are a few that you will love under high pressure.

  1. Let’s start with our most popular Ninja Foodi ham with pineapple glaze
  2. .

  3. If you are forgetful, our recipe for frozen pork butts Ninja Foodi will be useful to you
  4. . The

  5. shredded pork shoulder is amazing if you want to make sliders for dinner
  6. .

  7. The recipe for Ninja Foodi Green Chili is delicious
  8. . The pressure cooker pork marinade

  9. has bolder seasonings that we love
  10. .

  11. A pot of sausages and peppers is probably the cheapest of all.

You can even make country-style pork ribs as a high-protein meal one night. Pork tacos with a little white salsa are my daughters’ favorites. This shredded pork recipe is actually best when mixed with a bottled BBQ sauce or makes its own sweet sauce with brown sugar, hot sauce, and tomato sauce.

instant pot Pork Ribs

And that’s how you cook frozen pork roast in your machine too. Create tender shredded pork that goes great inside tortillas or over rice. I also have these moments when I forget to take out the meat I plan to cook the next day. Around 4 o’clock I realize what I have done and have had to figure out how to cook frozen pork many times.


I do, I include them in a post, so if you’re ever in that situation you can also save the day and have dinner with your family. They probably never know you had an OH NO moment because it’s always amazing.

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How to cook pork in Ninja Foodi

This includes loin, roast, chops, etc.: You should always check the internal temperature before consuming it to make it safe. 145 degrees F is said to be safe + a 5-minute rest time. The latter is important because it will continue to rise in temperature while sitting and resting.

Another is if you cook meat under pressure, many like to seal everywhere using the function of sautéing with a little olive oil. This will ensure in moisture. You can use water, meat, or chicken broth on the bottom when it is “steaming” until tender. Any liquid will work.

frozen pork roast in pressure cookerYes,

there are some versions of the original multi-purpose pot on the market now. Believe it or not, I have “the original” as you can see above. It works well, so I can’t really justify spending the money for the newer version. However, I also just bought the Ninja dual air fryer and am obsessed.

Ninja Foodi Air Fry Oven Pork Chop Recipes There

are now three different machine options to choose from if you want to air fry. You can see the Foodi above, they have only one basket hot air machine, and my new obsession is the Ninja Foodi dual-zone air fryer that has two! That means you can cook pork fillets on one side and roasted potatoes on the other.

That means dinner can be made at the same time using the same machine, but with a side dish and a main course cooking at the same time. You can see what it looks like here. If you have considered buying this version, I would highly recommend it and you can purchase one here.

Ninja Foodi Dual Air Fryer review

Pork at Ninja Foodi

Now I will say that this type of meat saves quite well if you have something left after everyone eats. It is very important to let it cool completely first. The reason for this is that you don’t want bacteria to grow and it’s more likely if you throw a hot dish in the fridge right away.

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Be sure to store a large amount of liquid in the pot so that when you store it it can be placed with a spoon on top so that it stays moist. Use a sealed container or freezer bags that work just as well, I think. Combine the sauce and meat inside, seal and reheat within 3 days of that.

If you’re not sure about getting to it at that time, that’s fine too, but you’ll want to freeze it in that case. You can use the same bags or Tupperware for that. Just use a marker to write down when it was done so you can know. You will save well for up to 3 months this way. However, allow it to thaw before reheating. In the fridge is better for that.

pork recipes

Air Fryer Pork

You never want to leave meat on the counter or it may get too hot and once again you have the risk of bacteria growth. Instead, move it from the freezer to the refrigerator to thaw overnight. Then transfer it to a heat-safe dish or bowl and microwave for 1 minute, stir and then heat again for 1 minute or so until heated to your liking.

Use fresh muffins to store as sliders or make a fresh pot of white rice to serve and enjoy again a second time.

Finally, but do not

rent, do not use the slow cook function on this machine. It doesn’t work well at all. Just use the others offered. If you want a crockpot experience, use your “old-fashioned” machine, that works best. Believe me, I’ve tried it with this and the Instant Pot and it’s not worth your time and will disappoint you.

I hope we’ve helped you find a bunch of easy pork recipes to use on your machine and we’ll continue to add more as we go, so bookmark this page.

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