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Ninja foodi pressure cooker and air fryer recipes

Video Ninja foodi pressure cooker and air fryer recipes

As we approach fall, it’s a great idea to use Ninja Foodi for these 31 Ninja Foodi soup, stew, and chili recipes!

It’s almost autumn and soup season will soon be here. I’m so eager to start making soup and chili regularly again, right? We tend not to eat chili during the spring and summer, when it’s 110 degrees outside, I just can’t eat chili. However, these Ninja Foodi soup recipes will help you start the next season!

Did you know that basically all those Instant Pot Recipes you love can be adapted to the Ninja Foodi? It’s true! Can Instant Pot recipes be adapted to Ninja


Yes! If you have an Instant Pot soup, stew or chili recipe, they will easily adapt to a Ninja Foodi using the lid of the pressure cooker. It should be exactly the same cooking method as well.

The only difference here is if you have a Ninja Foodi recipe that uses baking or air fryer, a feature the Instant Pot may not have.

In terms of soup, stew and chili… Yes! Those can definitely be made at the Ninja Foodi. All instant pot recipes on my site, I use my Ninja Foodi for that.

How do Instant Pot recipes become Ninja Foodi?

In terms of soup, stew and chili, simply use the pressure cooker function on your Ninja Foodi with the pressure cooker lid and following the written instructions.

Ninja Foodi can also be used to sauté meat if needed before cooking soup or chili.

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All the recipes you see that use Instant Pot, just turn them into the pressure


How do you use the slow cooker feature on the Ninja Foodi for these Ninja Foodi soup recipes?

All the recipes you see below using the slow cooker, simply use the secondary lid with the Ninja Foodi. This would be the lid of the pressure cooker.

Place the seal on ‘ventilation’ and cook using the slow cooker function


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It will work just like a traditional slow cooker

or slow cooker.

Why choose

a Ninja Foodi?

The Ninja Foodi is an all-in-one appliance, which means it can actually be a pressure cooker, air fryer, slow cooker, and oven basically in one.

It cooks much faster than a traditional oven and is much less messy as well.

Ninja Foodi or Instant Pot?

Personally, we prefer not to have to take out pots and pans and just cook it all in one appliance. Our Ninja Foodi now has a permanent place at our counter. If you had to choose between Ninja Foodi and Instant Pot, I would be the Ninja Foodi team… It will replace all other appliances.

I’ve also found that the slow cooker feature also works great, so much so that I donated my slow cookers and only use this now.

Now, let’s talk about soup, stew and chili! It’s almost that season and we will eat soup, stew and chili regularly. I always do it in my Ninja Foodi, which happens to be the most efficient way!

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Let’s go to these recipes, remember that if it is Instant Pot just convert using its function and Ninja Foodi pressure cooker lid.

These soups are the perfect soup, stew and chili recipes to add to your Ninja Foodi recipe list!

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